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Recenserat 2019
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A Hero for the World - The Lion King Rock Opera
A Hero for the World - West to East Part 2 - Space Ranger
A Killer's Confession - The Indifference of Good Men
A Pale Horse Named Death - When the World Becomes Undone
Age of Reflection - A New Dawn
Alchemy - Dyadic
Alex Carole - Carole Cinema
All Else Fails - The False Sanctuary
Almøst Human - XS2XTC
Aria - Curse of the Seas
Art Nation - Transition
Astral Doors - Worship or Die
Autumn Tears - Colors Hidden Within the Gray
Axel Rudi Pell - XXX Anniversary Live
Backstabber - Conspiracy Theorist
Bad Wolves - N.A.T.I.O.N.
Bai Bang - Best of Four
Beggars - The Day I Lost My Head
Bent Knee - You Know What They Mean
Beth Blade & The Beautiful Disasters - Show Me Your Teeth
Bill Champlin and Wunderground - Bleeding Secrets
Billy Sherwood - Citizen: In the Next Life
Birdeatsbaby - The World Conspires
Bjørn Riis - A Storm is Coming
Black Stone Cherry - Black to the Blues
Black Therapy - Echoes of Dying Memories
Black Tiger - s/t
Bloodphemy - In Cold Blood
Bonfire - Live on Holy Ground
Broken Ego - Avenue to Wonderland
Bullring - Break Down the Gate
By Aim - The Remedy
Cane Hill - Kill the Sun
Can't Swim - Foreign Language
Carnal Forge - Gun to Mouth Salvation
Catch Fire - Karma Owes Me a Lifetime of Happiness
Cats in Space - Daytrip to Narnia
Chelsea Grin - Eternal Nightmare
Cil City - Jump off the Cliff
Climate of Fear - The Onset of Eternal Darkness
Constantine - Aftermath
Coronatus - The Eminence of Nature
Corrosive - Nourished by Blood
Critical Mess - Man Made Machine Made Man
Crossfade - Carousel
Crystal Ball - 2020
Damnation's Hammer - Unseen Planets, Deadly Spheres
Danger Zone - Don't Count on Heroes
Dawn of Winter - Pray for Doom
The Dead and Living - The Author's Curse
Dead Girls Corp - Bloody Noses and Hand Grenades
Degreed - Lost Generation
Denner's Inferno - In Amber
DeVicious - Reflections
Devin Townsend - Empath
Diamond Dogs - Recall Rock 'n' Roll and the Magic Soul
Dire Peril - The Extraterrestrial Compendium
Dirge - Ah Puchs
Dizzy Mystics - Wanderlost
Dominanz - Let the Death Enter
Dragonfly - Zeitgeist
Dragony - Masters of the Multiverse
Dream Boogie - Sorry to Disappoint all Music Lovers
Dream Company - The Wildest Season
Dream Theater - Distance Over Time
Dreams in Fragments - Reflections of a Nightmare
Dronte - Quelque part entre la guerre et la lâcheté
Dun Field Three - s/t
Eclipse - Paradigm
Edenbridge - Dynamind
Electric Boys - The Ghost Ward Diaries
Electric Guitars - 10 Songs 10 Cities
Eleine - All Shall Burn
Emerald - Restless Souls
Enchantya - On Light and Wrath
Enter 6 - Black Dolphin
Eternal Storm - Come the Tide
Eva Can't - Febbraio
Ewigkeit - Starscape 2.019
Fateful Finality - Executor
Firmo - Rehab
Floating Worlds - Battleship Oceania
FlowerLeaf - Stronger
Flying Disk - Urgency
Forever Autumn - Howls in the Forest at Dusk
Formicarius - Rending the Veil of Flesh
Freaks and Clowns - s/t
Fredrik Klingwall & Julia Black - Sentience
Freedom Call - M.E.T.A.L.
Fulci - Tropical Sun
Furor Gallico - Dusk of the Ages
Gandalf's Owl - Who's the Dreamer?
Ghost Ship Octavius - Delirium
Gloryful - Cult of Sedna
Graham Bonnet Band - Live in Tokyo 2017
Grass - Fresh Grass
The Great Divide - Union Reloaded
Half Life - I've Got to Survive
Hanging Garden - Into that Good Night
Hans Lundin - The Solo Years 1982-1989
The Happy Sun - s/t
Harpyie - Aurora
Hazards of Swimming Naked - Take Great Joy
Heart of a Coward - The Disconnect
Helheim - Rignir
Hellraiser - Heritage
Hellsingland Underground - A Hundred Years is Nothing
Hellyeah - Welcome Home
Hollow Haze - Between Wild Landscapes and Deep Blue Seas
Holy Dragons - Unholy and Saints
Hootenanny Freaks - Freakshow
Horizons Edge - Let the Show Go On
The Hu - The Gereg
Humble Pie - Joint Effort
The Hydden - Vagabond Songs
Il Vuoto - Vastness
Illdisposed - Reveal Your Soul For the Dead
Illimitable Dolor - Leaden Light
Imagika - Only Dark Hearts Survive
Imperia - Flames of Eternity
In Motion - Thriving Force
[In Mute] - Chaos Breeder
IQ - Resistance
Ivory Tower - Stronger
Jan Ackerman - Close Beauty
JD Miller -Afterglow
Jerkstore - The Great Time Robbery
Jesus Chrüsler Supercar - Lücifer
Jimi Anderson Group - I Belong
Kafka - s/t
Karakorum - Fables and Fairytales
King Zebra - s/t
Kissin' Black - Dresscode: Black
Krishna Peri - Cyclotron
Kromorth - Geodesic Beast
Lance King - ReProgram
Le Butcherettes - bi/MENTAL
Leather Glove - Perpetual Animation
Lee Aaron - Power, Soul, Rock'n'Roll - Live in Germany
Left Hand Solution - Through the Mourning Woods
Licence - N.2.O.2.R.
Lightsabres - A Shortcut to Insanity
Lindsay Schoolcraft - Martyr
Ljungblut - Villa Carlotta 5959
Lonely Robot - Under Stars
Long Distance Calling - Stummfilm (Live From Hamburg)
Lord Vigo - Six Must Die
The Lumberjack Feedback - Mere Mortals
Lugnet - Nightwalker
Lykantropi - Spirituosa
Lyken21 - Cyclical Insight
Mama Jefferson - Jizzmag
Marc Vanderberg - Phoenix From the Ashes
Marius Danielsen - Legend of Valley Doom - Part 2
Masked Intruder - III
Massive - Rebuild Destroy
Matt Mitchell & The Coldhearts - s/t
Mean Machine - Rock 'n' Roll Up Your Ass
Men in Metal - Let the Soul Spread its Wings
Meridian - Margin of Error
Meshiaak - Mask of all Misery
M.I.God - Specters on Parade
Michael Lane - Traveling Son
Mikael Erlandsson - Capricorn Six
Mike Machine - Alive
Mike Tramp - Stray From the Flock
Millennium - A New World
Mind Key - MKIII - Aliens in Wonderland
Mirrorplain - Lost in Paradise
Mob Rules - Beast Over Europe
Moes Anthill - Quitter
Mongol - The Return
Mustan Kuun Lapset - Valo
The Mute Gods - Atheists and Believers
Mötley Crüe - The Dirt Soundtrack
Nachtfalter - Was Bleibt
Nad Sylvan - The Regal Bastard
Narnia - From Darkness to Light
Nazca Space Fox - Pi
The Necrosexual - The Gory Hole Overture In F#
Need2destroy - Show
Nervenbeisser - Alles Gut
Nest - Metempsychosis
Nevaria - Finally Free
N.Ex.U.S. - s/t
Ni - Pantophobie
Nibiru - Salbrox
No Man's Valley - Outside the Dream
None - Damp Chill of Life
Northern Genocide - Genesis Vol. 666
Northlane - Alien
Nth Ascension - Stranger Than Fiction
Nyt Liv - Ensomhedens Kolde Kald
Obscenity - Summoning the Circle
The Ocean - Phanerozoic I: Palaeozoic
Ole English - s/t
One Day in Fukushima - Ozymandias
The Ossuary - Southern Funeral
Outloud - Virtual Hero Society
Paganizer - The Tower of the Morbid
Papa Roach - Who do You Trust?
Paragon - Controlled Demolition
Parallell Minds - Every Hour Wounds... The Last One Kills
The Phantom of Phobos - From a Dead Channel / The Uninvited
Phil Lanzon - 48 Seconds
The Pilgrim - Walking Into the Forest
Porn - The Darkest of Human Desires - Act II
Pretty Wild - Interstate 13
Psychopunch - Greetings From Suckerville
Psychopunch - We Are Just As Welcome As Holy Water In Satan's Drink (20th Anniversary Special Edition)
Pterodactyl Problems - Esoteric Hobbies
Pyramaze - Legend of the Bone Carver
Rainer Landfermann - Mein Wort in Deiner Dunkelheit
Raunchy - Velvet Noise
Ray Alder - What the Water Wants
Razzmattazz - Hallelujah
Red Dead Roadkill - Songs of Anguish
Reflector - Turn
Reflex Machine - Interzone
Rendezvous Point - Universal Chaos
Rexoria - Ice Breaker
Rezet - Deal With It
The Riven - s/t
Rob Moratti - Renaissance
Rockett Love - Greetings from Rocketland
Rockin' Engine - Midnight Road Rage
Rogga Johansson - Entrance to the Otherwhere
Roulette - Now
Running Wild - Crossing the Blades
Sad Planets - Akron, Ohio
Sangreal - sa/t
Scabby Ghouls - s/t
Schultz - Shot of Pain
Season of Ghosts - A Leap of Faith
Sebastien - Behind the World
SeeYouSpaceCowboy - Songs for the Firing Squad
Siamese - Super Human
Signum Regis - The Seal of a New World
Silent Planet - When the End Began
Silver Dust - House 21
Silver Wind - Legion of the Exiled
Silvertung - (But, at What Cost??!)
Sinheresy - Out of Connection
Skeletoon - They Never Say Die
The Soapgirls - Elephant in the Room
Solitude - Reach for the Sky
Sons of Alpha Centauri - Buried Memories
Soto - Origami
Soulline - The Deep
Spy # Row - Blood Brothers
Stand Atlantic - Skinny Dipping
Stargazer - The Sky is the Limit
Statement - Force of Life
Steorrah - The Altstadt Abyss
Steel Prophet - The God Machine
Stellar Master Elite - Hologram Temple
Steve Hackett - At the Edge of Light
Steve Hackett - Genesis Revisited Band & Orchestra: Live
Stonefield - Mystic Stories
Stormhammer - Seven Seals
Stormwarrior - Norsemen
The Story So Far - Proper Dose
Suidakra - Echoes of Yore
Sum 41 - Order in Decline
Superseed - s/t
Suzi Quatro - No Control
Svarta Sanningar - Kapitel 1
Svarta Stugan - Islands/Öar
Tanagra - Meridiem
Tara Lynch - Evil Enough
Terrible Headache - Der Rote Baron
This Void Inside - My Second Birth My Only Death
Thobbe Englund - Hail to the Priest
Thornbridge - Theatrical Masterpiece
Tigersclaw - Force of Destiny
Tim Bowness - Flowers at the Scene
Total Stranger - s/t
Transport League - A Million Volt Scream
Traumer - History
Tygers of Pan Tang - Ritual
VA Rocks - I Love VA Rocks
Vanden Plas - The Ghost Xperiment - Awakening
Vanha - Melancholia
Veonity - Legend of the Starborn
Vintersea - Illuminated
Vision Divine - When All the Heroes are Dead
Vision Quest - s/t
Visionatica - Enigma Fire
Voltak - When All Just Were
Walls of Blood - Imperium
The Wandering Ascetic - Crimson
Wardress - Dress for War
Warrior Soul - Rock'n'Roll Disease
Wendigo - Wasteland Stories
Wheel - Moving Backwards
Wheels of Fire - Begin Again
Wild Planes - Singin 'N' Slingin
Wires & Lights - A Chasm Here and Now
Wizard Rifle - s/t
X-Plicit - Like a Snake
X-Romance - Voices From the Past
Yawning Man - Macedonian Lines
Yerûšelem - The Sublime
Zapruder - s/t
Zeit - Drangsal
Zex - Execute
0N0 - Cloaked Climax Concealed
11 Paranoias - Asterismal