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Recenserat 2012
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Abhorrence - Completely Vulgar
Aborted - Global Flatline
Abraham - The Serpent, the Prophet & the Whore
Absynth Aura - Unbreakable
Adorned Brood - Kuningaz
Adrenalin - Road of the Gypsy
Adrenaline Mob - Omertá
Adrian Weiss - Big Time
Aerosmith - Music From Another Dimension
Affector - Harmagedon
Age of Woe - s/t
The Agonist - Prisoners
Anachronaeon - The Ethereal Throne
Ancara - Chasing Shadows
Ancestors - In Dreams And Time
Andromeda - Manifest Tyranny
Andy Rock - Into the Night
Angel King - World of Pain
Angelus Apatrida - The Call
AOR - L.A Temptation
Architects - Daybreaker
Arjen Anthony Lucassen - Lost in the New Real
Armageddon - Necromantic Celebration
As My World Burns - Mistakes Art Gallery
Ashes You Leave - The Cure for Happiness
Asia - XXX
Asphyx - Deathhammer
Asylum Pyre - Fifty Years Later
Athel - Open Your Eyes to Society
Atlantyca - To Nowhere and Beyond
Atoma - Skylight
Audio Porn - Jezebels Kiss
Avven - Kastalija
Awolnation - Megalithic Symphony
Bang Tango - Pistol Whipped in the Bible Belt
Bangalore Choir - Metaphor
Beardfish - The Void
Beastmilk - Use Your Deluge
Beaten to Death - Xes and Strokes
Before the Dawn - Rise of the Phoenix
Beyond the Bridge - The Old Man & The Spirit
The Birthday Massacre - Hide and Seek
Bleeding Utopia - Demons to Some, Gods to Others
The Black Explosion - Servitors of the Outer Gods
Blaqk Audio - Bright Black Heaven
Blood Tracks DVD
Bloodbeast - Bloodlust
Board of Aves - Decade After
Bonafide - Ultimate Rebel
The Bones - Monkeys With Guns
Bonfire - Cry for Help EP
Bonrud - Save Tomorrow
The Borderline Saints - Straightjackets & The Usual Medication
Borknagar - Urd
Boulevard - What's Up
The Buccaneers - Guide Me Home
Bullet - Full Pull
Burning Point - The Ignitor
Bust a Move - There's No Place Like Home
By the Patient - Premonitions
Caliban - I Am Nemesis
Caliber 666 - Blood Fueled Chaos
Cannon - Burning Love
Cardiac Arrest - Vortex of Violence
Catamenia - The Rewritten Chapters
Chaos Theory - Bio-Death
Charlie Shred - s/t
Chasing Violets - Outside Heaven
The Cheats - Pussyfoolin
Children of Bodom - Holiday at Lake Bodom - 15 Years of Wasted Youth
Chris Ousey - Rhyme and Reason
Christ Agony - Nocturn
Chrysalys - The Awakening of Gaia
Circus Maximus - Nine
Citizen Charlie - Up Yours
Clairvoyants - The Shape of Things to Come
Cloudscape - New Era
Confess - The Gin Act
Confession - The Long Way Home
Constantine - Divine Design
Countess - On Wings of Defiance
Craaft - Second Honeymoon
Crash Nomada - Atlas Pogo
Crazy Lixx - Riot Avenue
Crown - The One
Crucifix in a Death Hand - Do Androids Play Electric Guitar?
The Cult - Choice of Weapon
Danger Zone - Undying
Danko Jones - Bring on the Mountain [DVD]
Danko Jones - Rock and Roll is Black and Blue
Dare - Calm Before the Storm 2
Darkside of Innocence - Xenogenesis
Darktribe - Mysticeti Victoria
David J Caron - Thru Ever-Ending Black
Davidian - Our Fear is Their Force
Dead Cowboy's Sluts - The Hand of Death
Dead Label - Sense of Slaughter
Dear Superstar - Damned Religion
Decaying - Encirclement
Deceit - Nine
Degradead - Live at Wacken and Beyond DVD
Demonic Slaughter - Revelations of Death
Departure - Hitch a Ride
Deride - The Void
Devin Townsend Project - Epicloud
Diamond Dogs - Set Fire to it All
Diamondog - Faithful Unto Death
Dirt - Rock'n'Roll Accident
Dirty Age - Plug In
Disaffected - Rebirth
Disease Illusion - Backworld
Dokken - Broken Bones
Donnie Vie - Wrapped Around my Middle Finger
Doro - Raise Your Fist
Downspirit Bulletproof?
Dreadnought - Measure of Man
Dream Theater - Images and Words
Driver - Countdown
Drone - For Torch and Crown
Earthship - Iron Chest
Eclipse - Bleed and Scream
EF - Delusions of Grandeur
Eisregen - Rostrot
El Poncho - Rooftops
Elandør - Dark Asylum
Electric Light Orchestra - Mr. Blue Sky: The Very Best of Electric Light Orchestra
Elixir - Unleash the Magic
Elmsfire - Thieves of the Sun
Eluveitie - Helvetios
Empires of Eden - Channeling the Infinite
Enchantya - Dark Rising
End of September - s/t
Enslaved - Riitiir
Entartung - Krypteria
Epica - Requiem for the Indifferent
Eskimada - s/t
Essenz - Mundus Numen
Essenza - Devil's Breath
Evenoire - Vitriol
Evershine - Renewal
Evocation - Evoked From Demonic Depths - The Early Years
Evocation - Illusions of Grandeur
Ewigheim - Bereue Nichts
Exile Parade - Hit the Zoo
Eye Beyond Sight - The Sun and the Flood
The Fallen Divine - The Binding Cycle
Family - Portrait
Farewell to Arms - Perceptions
Fatal Force - Unholy Rites
Father & Son - s/t
F.E.A.S.T. - Strong Wild and Free
Firewind - Few Against Many
Firstborn - Define Our Generation
The Firstborn - Lions Among Men
Fleetwood Mac - Rumours
The Flower Kings - Banks of Eden
Forces at Work - Straight
The Forsaken - Beyond Redemption
Fozzy - Sin and Bones
Freedom Slaves - s/t
Frozen Rain - Ahead of Time
Furyon - Gravitas
Gary Barden - Eleventh Hour
Geoff Tate - Kings & Thieves
Germ - Loss
Give em Blood - Seven Sins
Gojira - L'Enfant Sauvage
Gonzales - Blues of the Verge of Apocalypse
Gotthard - Firebirth
Grave - Endless Procession of Souls
Great White - Elation
Grand Magus - The Hunt
Grime - s/t
Grog - Scooping the Cranial Insides
GTS - Time Stood Still
GTS - Tracks From the Dustshelf
Gun Barrel - Brace for Impact
Gypsy Chief Goliath - It's a Walk in the Mist
Hammer Fight - s/t
Hannibal - Cyberia
Hardline - Danger Zone
Harllequin - Hellakin Riders
Hartmann - Balance
Headspace - I Am Anonymous
Heaven Rain - Second Sun
Hellsingland Underground - Evil Will Prevail
Hellyeah - Band of Brothers
Help! For Japan
Herman Frank - Right in the Guts
Hess - Living in Yesterday
Himora - Argue All You Want
Hollow Haze - Poison in Black
Holy Knights - Between Daylight and Pain
Hotel Diablo - Return to Psycho California
Huata - The Atavist of Mann
Human Temple - Halfway to Heartache
Hydrogyn - Private Sessions
Hypno5e - Acid Mist Tomorrow
Hysterica - The Art of Metal
I Spit Ashes - Inhaling Blackness - Reflecting Light
Ilium - Genetic Memory
Illdisposed - Sense the Darkness
Imaginary War - Replacing the Ghosts
Imber - The Breaking Point
Imperial State Electric - Pop War
In My Dreams - XII Reasons to Remember
In This Moment - Blood
The Iniquity Descent - The Human Apheresis
Inner Blast - Sleepless Monster
Irdorath - Dekonstrukteur Des Fleisches
Iron Maiden - The Number of the Beast
Issa - Can't Stop
It Bites - Map of the Past
Ivory Gates - The Devil's Dance
Ivory Moon - Dark Time
Jack Blades - Rock n Roll Ride
Jaded Heart - Common Destiny
Jeff Loomis - Plains of Oblivion
Jeff Scott Soto - Damage Control
Jenx - Enuma Elish
Jerkstore - The Road Ends
Jess and the Ancient Ones - s/t
Jimi Jamison - Never Too Late
Joanna Dean - Misbehavin'
Jorn - Bring Heavy Rock to the Land
Just Like Vinyl - Black Mass
Kaipa - Vittjar
Kamikaze Kings - The Law
Kane Roberts - s/t
Kane Roberts - Saints and Sinners
Karnak Seti - In Harmonic Entropy
Kee Marcello - Redux: Europe
Kevlar Bikini - Explodisiac
Khaøs - Khaøs Rising
Khoma - All Erodes
Kill Ritual - The Serpentine Ritual
Kiros - Lay Your Weapons Down
Koritni - Welcome to the Crossroads
Kreator - Phantom Antichrist
Krisiun - Arise From Blackness
Krisiun - The Great Execution
Kvlt of Hiob - Thy Kingly Mask
Kyler - Swagger
Lacuna Coil - Dark Adrenaline
Lamb of God - Resolution
Lana Lane - El Dorado Hotel
Lavett - Find Your Purpose
Lecherous Gaze - On the Skids
Lions Lions - To Carve Our Names
Lionville - II
Livarkahil - Wrath of God
Love.Might.Kill - 2 Big 2 Fail
Luley - Today's Tomorrow
Lullacry - Where Angels Fear
Lunocode - Celestial Harmonies
Lykaion - Nothin' But Death
Macbeth - Widergänger
Malfeitor/Birch Mountain - Dawn of Silent Decay (split)
Malrun - The Empty Frame
Marionette - Nerve
Mark Spiro - It's a Beautiful Life
The Mars Volta - Noctuniquet
Marty Friedman - Tokyo Jukebox 2/Bad D.N.A.
Mass Murder Agenda - Bring the Violence
Matt Skiba and the Sekrets - Babylon
Max Navarro - Hard Times
Memories of a Dead Man - V.I.T.R.I.O.L.
Mercury Tide - Killing Saw
Merendine - New World Disorder
Meshuggah - Koloss
Michael Thompson Band - Future Past
Midnight Blue - Take the Money and Run
Mike Paradine Group - Death in the Family
Mirrored in Secrecy - Day of Renewal
Miseration - Tragedy has Spoken
Mollo/Martin - The Third Cage
Monsters of Metal Vol. 8 [DVD]
Mordax - Violence Fraud Treachery
Mr Big - Live From the Living Room
Mundtot - Spätsommer
Municipal Waste - The Fatal Feast
Mustasch - Sounds Like Hell, Looks Like Heaven
My Hidden Phobia - s/t
Mydra - s/t
Mystagog - ... of Old
Naam - Ballad of the Starchild
Napalm Death - Utilitarian
Nathorg - Beyond the Gates of Nathorg
Neal Morse - Momentum
Neal Schon - The Calling (2012)
Necronomicon - Invictus
The Nightcrawlers - You Never Know
Nightqueen - For Queen and Metal
Niobeth - Silvery Moonbeams
Niss - Inspiriando
Nubian Rose - Mountain
Oddland - The Treachery of Senses
Offensive Ground - Breathe
One Without - Numbers
Opera Diabolicus - 1614
Oprich/Piarevaracien/Chur - Triunity
The Order - 1986
Outloud - More Catastrophe
Outshine - Addiction
Overkill - The Electric Age
Oxygen - Final Warning
Painted Black - Cold Comfort
Papa Roach - The Connection
Paradise Lost - Tragic Idol
Pellek - Bag of Tricks
Periphery - Periphery II:This Time It's Personal
Persona Non Grata - Quantum Leap
Perzonal War - Captive Breeding
Phenomena - Awakening
Pictured - The Strand of Time
Pigs - You Ruin Everything
Plector - Punishment Day
Polution - Beyond Control
Prayer - Danger in the Dark
Pretty Maids - It Comes Alive
Pride of Lions - Immortal
Primal Fear - Unbreakable
The Prophecy23 - Green Machine Laser Beam
Psycroptic - The Inherited Repression
Purification - A Torch to Pierce the Night
Putrified - Neurotic Neurotic
Rage - 21
Rainfall - Fading Frames
Ravenscry - One Way Out
Raw in Sect - Red Flows
Re-Armed - Worldwide Hypnotize
Rebellion - Arminius: Furor Teutonicus
Red Eyes - Obey the Beast
Reinxeed - Welcome to the Theater
Renegade Five - Nxt Gen
Resurgency/Desolator - Split
Ribozyme - Presenting the Problem
Ribozyme - Presenting the Problem
Richard Marx - Inside My Head
Rival Sons - Head Down
Rhyme - The Seed and the Sewage
The Rockford Heroes - Light Scares
The Rockford Heroes - The White EP
Rough Angel - Hear The Angels Rock
Royal Hunt - In the Heart of the City (Best of 1992-1999)
Rush - Clockwork Angels
Saga - 20/20
The Safety Fire - Grind the Ocean
Scar for Life - 3 Minute Silence
Scarecrow - Braineaters
Sceptor - Take Command!
Science of Sleep - Affliction
Scornage - ReaFEARance
Secret Sphere - Portrait of a Dying Heart
Sectu - Gerra
Serpent Saints - All Things Metal
Seven Ends - To the Worms
Shadowside - Inner Monster Out
Shadowsphere - Inferno
Shiftlight - Distance
Silent Descent - Mind Games
Silent Opera - Immortal Beauty
Silver Horses - s/t
Sin7Sins - Carnival of no Tomorrow
SinHeresY - The Spiders and the Butterfly
Sinister - The Carnage Ending
Sir Reg - A Sign of the Times
Sky of Rage - s/t
Snailking - Samsara
Soleil Moon - On the Way to Everything
Solisia - UniverSeasons
Solitude - Tied to the Anchor
Sonata Arctica - Stones Grow Her Name
Sonic Station - s/t
Sorrows Path - The Rough Path of Nihilism
Soul Sacrifice - Carpe Mortem
Souldrainer - Heaven's Gate
Soulfly - Enslaved
Soulicit - Parking Lot Rockstar
Sound Storm - Immortalia
Space Mirrors - In Darkness They Whisper
Sparzanza - Death is Certain, Life is Not
Starship Monolith - Brand New EP
Stealing Axion - Moments
Steelwing - Zone of Alienation
Steve Hackett - Genesis Revisited II
Steve Vai - The Story of Light
Stick to Your Guns - Diamond
Stigmhate - The Sun Collapse
Storm Corrosion - s/t
Story of Jade - The Damned Next Door (Know Your Neighbor!!)
Strangeways - Age of Reason
Structural Disorder - A Prelude to Insanity
Sunstorm - Emotional Fire
Sven Larsson - Bad Mad Man
Talon - III
T.A.N.K - Spasms of Upheaval
Temple of Your Soul - For All
Ten - Heresy and Creed
Ten Second Epic - Better Off
Terror Empire - Face the Terror
Terrortory - The Seed Left Behind
Tesseract - Perspective
Thee Orakle - Smooth Comforts False
Therapy? - A Brief Crack of Light
This Gift is a Curse - I, Guilt Bearer
Thy Darkened Shade - Externvs Mos, Nex Ritvs
Thy Majestie - ShiHuangDi
To/Die/For - Samsara
Today Forever - Relationshipwrecks
Tokyo - Fasten Seat Belts
Tokyo - San
Torgny "Kingen" Karlsson - När Rocken Kom Till Sveg [bok]
Tortorum - Extinctionist
ToxicRose - s/t
Trail of Murder - Shades of Art
Trepalium - H.N.P.
Trick or Treat - Rabbit's Hill pt.1
Trixter - New Audio Machine
TSTI - Evaluations
Tyketto - Dig in Deep
Undecimber - Seven Nights of Sin
Unhale - Human Race
Unherz - Die Wahrheit Liegt Dazwischen
Unleashed - Odalheim
Uritup - Overcome
The Used - Vulnerable
Veér - The Measure of Waste
Vendetta - Feed the Extermination
Venial Sin - Sphere of Morality
Vertigo Steps - Surface/Light
Viper Venom - In Venom Veritas
Viter - Springtime
Voices of Destiny - Power Dive
Vomitchapel - Damnatio Ad Bestias
Vomitchapel - The House The Lord Despoiled
The Way of Purity - Equate
We Are Killing Ourselves - The Road of Awareness
The Wheel - s/t
Wheels of Fire - Up For Anything
Whirr - Pipe Dreams
Whyzdom - Blind?
Wig Wam - Wall Street
Wigelius - Reinventions
Wild Frontier - 2012
Wildestarr - A Tell Tale Heart
Wind Rose - Shadows Over Lothadruin
Winter's Verge - Beyond Vengeance
Wormhole - The String Theory
Xander Demos - Guitarcadia
Yossi Sassi - Melting Clocks
Youngblood - No Retreat
Your Tomorrow Alone - Ordinary Lives
Zaklon - Шэпт Чорнага Лісьця
Zero Degree - Surreal World
4ARM - Submission for Liberty
4Bitten - Delirium
5 Star Grave - Drugstore Hell
69 Chambers - Torque
The 9th Cell - Galga de Zebra Ilesa