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Recenserat 2010
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Allen/Lande - The Showdown
Angels of Babylon - Kingdom of Evil
Astral Doors - Testament of Rock
Astrolites - Play for Keeps
Avantasia - Angel of Babylon
Avantasia - The Metal Opera
Avantasia - The Metal Opera Part II
Avantasia - The Wicked Symphony
Avantasia - The Wicked Symphony & Angel of Babylon
Battalion - Underdogs
Benevolent - Evolve
The Birthday Massacre - Pins and Needles
The Birthday Massacre - Pins and Needles
Black Breath - Heavy Breathing
Black Thoughts Bleeding - Stomachion
Bleed From Within - Empire
Bring Me the Horizon - There Is a Hell, Believe Me I've Seen It. There Is a Heaven, Let's Keep It a Secret
Burden of Grief - Follow the Flames
Burn - Rock Royale
The Burning - Hail the Horde
Callejon - Videodrom
Candlemass - Ashes to Ashes (Live)
Catamenia - Cavalcade
Chris Laney - Pure
Circle of Chaos - Black Oblivion
Coma - Excess
Coronatus - Fabula Magna
Crematory - Black Pearls
Crematory - Infinity
Daedalean Complex - s/t
Dagoba - Poseidon
The Dangerous Summer - Reach For the Sun
Dark Tranquility - We Are the Void
Darkseed - Poison Awaits
De Lyckliga Kompisarna - Hugos Sång
De/Vision - Popgefahr
Deathbound - Non Compos Mentis
Decrepit Birth - Polarity
Demonica - Demonstrous
Despite - Clenched
Dimmu Borgir - Abrahadabra
Disbelief - Heal
Divided Multitude - Guardian Angel
Doomshine - The Piper at the Gates of Doom
Downspirit - Point of Origin
Eaglestrike s/t
Eisregen - Schlangensonne
Elimination - Destroyed by Creation
Eluveitie - Everything Remains (As It Never Was)
Elvenking - Red Silent Tides
End of Green - High Hopes in Low Places
Enemy of the Sun - Caedium
Enforcer - Diamonds
Engrained - Deep Rooted
Exciter - Death Machine
Exhale - Blind
Exodus - Exhibit B: The Human Condition
Eye For an Eye - Downfall
Fair Warning - Talking Ain’t Enough – Live in Tokyo
Fatal Smile - World Domination
Gamma Ray - To The Metal
The Gates of Slumber - Hymns of Blood and Thounder
Godsized - The Phoney Tough & The Crazy Brave
Grand Design - Time Elevation
Graveland - Spears of Heaven
Greed - Burn it Down
Grimmstine - s/t
Guilt Machine - On This Perfect Day
Helix - Vagabond Bones
Helloween - Unarmed - Best of 25th Anniversary
Hellsingland Underground - Madness & Grace
Her Bright Skies - Causig a Scene
Houston - s/t
I Shalt Become - The Pendle Witch Trials
Immolation - Majesty and Decay
Imperial State Electric - s/t
Incite - The Slaughter
Indica - A Way Away
Iron Fate - Cast in Iron
Iron Maiden - The Final Frontier
Jeff Scott Soto - Live at Firefest 2008
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts - Greatest Hits
Kellermensch - s/t
Korea - The Delirium Suite
Korea - The Delirium Suite
Lautstürmer - Depopulator
Los Sin Nombre - Blind Leading Blind
LoveHandles - s/t
Magnum - The Visitation
Malevolent Creation - Invidious Dominion
Mammutant - Atomizer
M.A.N - Massive Audio Nerve
Marya Roxx - Payback Time
Melechesh - The Epigenesis
My Silent Wake - IV Et Lux Perpetua
Mäbe - Söker Lögner Får Sanning Till Svar
Nachtgeschrei - Ardeo
Nelson - Before the Rain
Nelson - Lightning Strikes Twice
Nelson - Perfect Storm-After the Rain World Tour 1991
Netherbird - Monumental Black Colossal
No Hawaii - Snake My Charms
One Without - Thoughts of a Secluded Mind
Pain of Salvation - Roadsalt one
The Poodles - No Quarter
Prime Suspect - s/t
The Prophecy23 - ...To the Pit
Psychopunch - The Last Goodbye
Regina Lund - Return
The Retaliation Process - Downfall
Rhapsody of Fire - The Frozen Tears of Angels
Ruined Soul - My Dying Day
Sabaton - Coat of Arms
Sin7Sins - Perversion Ltd.
Sister Sin - True Sound of the Underground
Snakestorm - Choose Your Finger
Social Siberia - Waterworks
Solitude - The Revival
Sonata Arctica - The Days of Grays
Sonic Surf City - Pororoca!
Sonic Syndicate - Rebellion EP
Sonic Syndicate - We Rule the Night
Soul Doctor - Way Back to the Bone
State of Rock - A Point of Destiny
Steelwing - Lord of the Wasteland
Steevi Jaimz - Glam Damnation
Suicidal Angels - Sanctify The Darkness
Svartby - Riv Hugg Bit
Syn:drom - With Flesh Unbound
Tarot - Gravity of Light
Tarot - Gravity of Light
Therapy? - Were Here to the End
Trigger the Bloodshed - Degenerate
Tuck From Hell - Thrashing
Twice a Man - Icicles
Unherz - Unherzlich Willkommen
Unleashed - As Yggdrasil Trembles
Unlight - Sulphurblooded
Unlit Face - My Seasons
Vega - Kiss of Life
Violent Divine - Release the Hounds
Virgin Steele - The Black Light Bacchanalia
Voices of Destiny - From the Ashes
The Way of Purity - Crosscore
We Live in Trenches - Modern Hex
Winter's Verge - Tales of Tragedy
Zombiekrig - Undantagstillstånd
101 South - No U-Turn
65daysofstatic - We Were Exploding Anyway