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Articles 2021

The Year 2020, Andy Rocks, Annisokay, Bob Katsionis, Art of Illusion, Pentesilea Road, Thunder, Veritas,

Articles 2020

The Year 2019, Fleshwolf, Mystic Prophecy,

Articles 2019

The Year 2018, Moes Anthill, Rexoria, Rob Moratti,

Articles 2018

Ambassador, Chthonic, The Year 2017, Malet Grace, Start a Revolution,

Articles 2017

Arallu, Coexistence, KforKill, Midway, The Year 2016,

Articles 2016

Athorn, Dante Fox, Divided Multitude, Fates Warning, Grand Massive, Poverty's No Crime, Prevail,

Articles 2015

Caj's column on 2014, Evra, The Gentle Storm, Lonely Robot, Rusty Pacemaker, Shardborne, Unseen Faith,

Articles 2014

Astral Doors, Eldritch, Elysion, Enfeeble, Miss Behaviour, 220 Volt,

Articles 2013

Amaranthe, Atomic Blast, Collateral Damage, Dante, The Dead and Living, Lauren Babic, Melted Space, Pretty Maids, Q.Age, Red Rose, Sebastian Bach, Siamese Fighting Fish, W.E.T.

Articles 2012

Atoma, Coexistence, Doro, Eclipse, Elmsfire, Epica, Freedom Slaves, Furyon, Gojira, Gotthard, Hate Gallery, Hotel Diablo, It Bites, Journey, Karnak Seti, Lunocode, Mercury Tide, Overkill, Persona Non Grata, Rage, The Rockford Heroes, SinHeresY, Soulfly, Sound Storm, Temple of Your Soul, Terrortory, Thy Majestie, To/Die/For, Voices of Destiny, Zero Degree, 5 Star Grave

Articles 2011

Absurdity, Arch Enemy Classic article, Arven, Avantasia, Circle of Silence, Consfearacy, Coronatus, Daedalean Complex, Deadend in Venice, Evergaze Eternity, Finntroll classic article, Fireforce, Garagedays, Grande Luxe, Hammerfall, Imperia, Katanga, Kittie, Love.Might.Kill, Majesty, Marienbad, Mystic Prophecy, One Without, Pain, Seven Thorns, Sinister, Sofia Talvik, Steve Hackett, Stone Antica, Stonelake, Stormwarrior, The Year 2010, The Year 2011, Uriah Heep, Wizard, Wolfchant

Articles 2010

Coronatus, Dagoba, Darkseed, Disbelief, Doomshine, Elysion, Enemy of the Sun, Kittie, Mammutant, Mandragora Scream, The Prophecy23, Unherz

Articles 2009

The Burning, Coronatus, Darzamat, Dawn of Winter, The Dying, Meteorcity releases 2009, Nachtgeschrei

Articles 2008

As I Lay Dying, Magnum, Obtest, Phazm, Paradise Lost, Stormwarrior