No God Only Teeth

Label: Narshardaa Records
Three similar bands: LLNN/The Ocean/Svalbard

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Gegenlicht
2. Safer
3. Stockholm
4. 15.37.12
5. Bethune
6. Raffer

Alexander Keck
Jan Schneider
Tim Schade
Michel Jahn


Leon Winkel - vocals

Recorded live at Sunsetter Studio
Mixed and mastered by Michel Jahn
Artwork by Rino Pelli. Layout by Florian Zeh

Released 2021-10-12
Reviewed 2022-04-23

narshardaa records

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Funny name, I wonder what gave them that idea – hopefully it was something from the creative realm. And Placenta feels like a more positive kind of name of an album than the extreme metal destructive styled names, perhaps it is also a fitting name for a debut album. I notice when checking out this band that recommendations if you like this album are bands like LLNN, The Ocean and Svalbard, bands that I enjoy – so what about this one?

It is a six-track album with lyrics in German, if you hear the lyrics through the sludgy growly vocals. There are some variations in the vocals adding depth though. The music is slow, sludgy post-metal stuff. Not very innovative or creative, rather similar to most of the sludge kind of music released. Focused much on the atmosphere, not so much on making stand out songs. I read about crust, Japanese emo scene, pseudo ritual dance in the press sheet that accompanied the album – and I don’t really see these dimensions, but then again; if you suggest anything it can be heard in the mind of the listener, too band that I didn’t read the press material before making up my mind about the sound.

This album tries to build on atmospheres, and they are fairly decent. But there are no much other than that, there are no teeth, but no god either, only tooth- and spinless post-metal that goes on for a while before it ends. The vocals are dull, the tempo is like a broken F1 car that is burning at the side of a track in some dictatorship. Not very exciting. I find myself waiting for a climax that never happens, and eventually I give up hope.

The most interesting thing about the album is the band’s name and that they have a song title that is the same as the Swedish capital city, things like that trigger my mind a lot more than actually listening to the album. I can really do without this one, as I fail to see the point. Perhaps you see it slightly differently if you like the sludge/post-metal kind of music, but I wouldn’t count on it.