One Day All This Will End

1. Perspective
2. Disparity
3. The Vanishing Point
4. Expect Equal Respect
5. Unrequited
6. The Damage Done
7. Unnatural Light
8. Lily




Recorded and mixed by Lewis Johns at The Ranch, Southampton.
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege.
LP Cover Art by Serena Cherry.

Released 2015-12-15
Reviewed 2016-01-21

halo of flies

Svalbard, the northernmost settlement in the world with permanent civilian population according to some sources, then it is only logical that a British band from Bristol takes a name like that. This is their new album that has a quite logical name a well I know that it will all end, hopefully very soon. I am not impressed with the cover art but then again, it does not really matter as it is what is inside the artwork that is really the matter. In this case it is a green vinyl that was released about a month ago, the album itself was actually released in September but that label never sent us the album so I guess now it is time for me to write some stuff.

Post-hardcore, crust, stadium crust is what the iTunes say about it. Guess that is more or less what it is, to me it is a bit of melodic extreme metal or something like that, kind of reminds me of some of the Norwegian melodic black metal bands. Very good production and variation, the vocals are growly and the album ends with a mellower instrumental track. And due to it being made for the vinyl format it is short and to the point, that’s great as you can play it over and over without tiring of it.

It is a great album, I really like it. The songs are very good all the way through, I see no real weaknesses and these guys have it all going for them. Also a plus for their way to make their music fresher than most stuff that is being released these days and that is always to be commended. I find this album very enjoyable and I can recommend it, and be sure to get it before it all ends.

All the eight tracks are good and I am not sure that one stands out over the others, although I find the ending instrumental track Lily to be very memorable and maybe somewhat better than the other tracks. I think that this is an album you should not overlook, it is really great and perhaps I should add another green vinyl to my collection.



Label: Halo Of Flies
Three similar bands: Burning Skies/Martyrdod/Ambulance
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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