Label: Pelagic Records
Three similar bands: Amenra/Neurosis/Breach

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Imperial
2. Desecrator
3. Obsidian
4. Vakuum
5. Scion
6. Interloper
7. Division
8. Forger
9. Tethers
10. Resurrection

Christian Bonnesen – guitar, vocals
Rasmus G. Sejersen – drums
Ketil G. Sejersen – synths
Rasmus Furbo – bass

Loss (2016)
Marks / Traces (2016)
Deads (2018)


Produced by Jacob Bredahl at Dead Rat Studio
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege with sound design production by the Sejersen brothers at Gravitated Sound Studio

Released 2021-09-24
Reviewed 2021-09-12

pelagic records

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Hello there, I am sitting here on some deck on an old star freighter on its way to god knows where and gaze into the darkness and coldness of the space around. The soundtrack of this post-apocalyptic journey is Unmaker by Danish band LLNN, a nation and a band that no longer exist after the apocalypse induced by humans finally made the planet completely unliveable. The apocalypse of course happened long before that, introduced by despots and capitalists alike – the same shit but with different names that slowly drove the human race to extinction bara some lone souls on star freighter or starships hopping around space looking for water and liveable rocks to settle down and try to live.

The heavy music fits such a dystopian world, though I kind of dream of the day when humanity finally bites it and think it was almost sad that the covid pandemic was as tame as it was. As we are all living in the same dystopian and Orwellian world that is pained in movies like Blade Runner, Alien and other dark themed stories where most of us are just slaves to the almighty dictator or money, it is the same we are limited and unfree, perhaps the apocalypse has already happened with us unaware. Unmaker could have told this story with the dark and heavy post-metal with both attitude and atmosphere. One of Denmark’s most unique metal bands I read in an email, and that I can probably agree with – they have a fresh way of expressing themselves.

The desperate screams into the void, the aggression that is released into the atmosphere of dark vastness is pretty exciting. It could have been a soundtrack for a movie, or a video game – not any of the games I play as it wouldn’t really fit the NHL-games or PES, Fifa or Sims which are the games I mostly play. But I think of stuff like Silent Hill or Resident Evil, or any space themed stuff in the same vein, it would be perfect for that. It is also great for just listening, when I am at work I am drawn into the atmosphere, and I want to avoid the mindless drones and zombies that are my colleges that want to poison me with their stupidity. It is kind of excellent and makes the workdays better than the usual waste of time that they are. It also makes it more fun to write about albums that break from norms, and that is what LLNN does with Unmaker.

I recommend this one for all who wants to go down the darker and more exciting route, and all who enjoy something a bit fresher and more exciting. They have taken a good step forward from Deads that I reviewed some years ago, it is similar in style but this is a lot better. A very enjoyable album.