Sons of Alpha Centauri
Buried Memories

1. Hitmen [Justin K. Broadrick Mix]
2. Hitmen [Jesu Remix]
3. Hitmen [JK Flesh Remix]
4. Warhero [James Plotkin Mix]
5. Remembrance [James Plotkin mix]
6. SS Montgomery [James Plotkin - Remix]

Marlon King - guitars
Nick Hannon - bass
Stevie B - drums
Blake - electronics

Sons of Alpha Centauri (2007)
Continuum (2018)


Mixed by Justin K. Broadrick and James Plotkin

Released 2019-10-11
Reviewed 2019-10-26


Last year Sons of Alpha Centauri started an adventure with the album Continuum and now they continue on that story with Buried Memories. While the first story was a journey around Jupiter and back, this one is more like a static with Hitmen, Warheroes, Remembrance and such things – it seems like you ought to bury the memories from the first journey in order to continue the trip onwards. The first three tracks are called Hitmen and in different mixes by the same guy while it is Plotkin who mixes the second side of the Vinyl or the last three tracks if you prefer another format. The cover and logo are quite good, just like on the first one so it certainly looks like something that can be great but is it?

Post-rock of the instrumental kind is probably the way to describe this in a quick fashion. It is instrumental and dark, progressive with a really strong production and hence a great soundscape. The craftsmanship is certainly very fine but there isn’t too much variation and the whole thing can tend to feel a bit on the long side at 45 minutes. Those knowing the previous album will think that this feels familiar; it is done in quite the same style. And there are no surprises here, the album can be said to be a little bit predictable and you could also claim that it lacks originality.

If you liked the previous album you will probably like this, I don’t think it is as good but it is quite similar and that should insure that the ones who liked the one before should find this agreeable as well. But it isn’t really a very exciting album, it feels a little bit tired and uneventful, the journey towards the Jovian system was way more interesting than this album that doesn’t really seem to be going anywhere. It feels mostly static and nothing really happens throughout the album and when it all ends it has been 45 minutes spent listening to something that doesn’t excite, kind of a waste of time.

They don’t really find the right buttons, I think that SOAC seem have pretty good ideas but they don’t really make anything of them. The two albums I have heard by these guys are kind of the same, one is a fair bit better but none of them can be said to be really exciting and if you like post metal there are better choices to be found and you don’t really have to be looking that hard for them either. So there I Frisbee throw this album into some dark and hidden place and soon it will be just one more of those albums that I don’t want to remember, that are now buried memories.






Label: H42 Records
Three similar bands: Karma to Burn/Yawning Man/ISIS
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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