Sons of Alpha Centauri

1. Into The Abyss
2. Jupiter
3. Solar Storm
4. Io
5. Surfacing for Air
6. Interstellar
7. Orbiting Jupiter
8. Return Voyage

Nick Hannon - Bass
Stevie B - Drums
Marlon Aaron King - Guitars
Blake - Samples/Effects

Sons of Alpha Centauri (2007)


Engineered and produced by Aaron Harris

Released 2018-06-01
Reviewed 2018-06-16


A band of sons from quite far away, a little bit over 1.3 parsecs away to be more precise. They are from our neighbouring star system, the one closest to our own and perhaps the long time between the albums has to do with travel times, being that in space the distances are quite long and travel time even at the speed of light would be over four years for the one-way journey. This album with a submarine on its cover follows over a decade after their 2007 debut and it is a journey around Jupiter, perhaps it is the Alpha Centaurian soundtrack for that particular journey.

Looking at the music it can be described in many ways, instrumental stoner rock is perhaps a good description, but it is atmospheric, it is progressive, alt rock is used in the press sheep, it is also a rather dark album. It is quite short; something that I think is rather good as the album is not really that varied and would have run the risk of feeling a tad on the long side had it been longer than it is. I don’t really think it offers any surprises and might be a tad predictable, but the sounds is really good and that makes it an interesting album.

Production is good, I like the sound of this album – I do however also think that the album could have been a bit more adventurous and it moves a bit slow and feels a bit sweeping and not very direct. Not how I envision the journey to Jupiter where this story takes place, I see it quite differently but of course my imagination is built on how it is here in our solar system and not in one over 1.3 parsec away from us. Their ways and their technology might be very different hence their soundtrack to this journey around Jupiter.

Hardy instrumental rock music of high quality, I like it – that is a good way to see it. If you like music that resemble the way we have described this or the similar band there is a good chance that you will find this album most agreeable. I think it is worth checking out as it is a good album with strong songs and all of that, I think it works quite well despite not quite sounding like my imagination of a soundtrack to a Journey to and around Jupiter, and I do think that the best part is the return journey.

And then to round it all of I can conclude that those who like the Alpha Centauri way of telling a story will find this album most pleasing, I know I think it was a good album both on the walks in the woods and sitting in my armchair writing. It may not be the most exciting album I have ever heard but I think that it is interesting and really well made and if you like the similar bands you should really check it out.





Label: H42 Records/Cobraside Records
Three similar bands: Karma to Burn/Yawning Man/ISIS
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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