Yawning Man
Macedonian Lines

1. Virtual Funeral
2. Macedonian Lines
3. Melancholy Sadie
4. Bowie's Last Breath
5. I'm Not A Real Indian (But I Play One On TV)
6. I Make Weird Choices

Gary Arce - Guitar
Mario Lalli - Bass
Bill Stinson - Drums

Rock Formations (2005)
Pot Head (EP 2005)
Vista Point (2007)
Nomadic Pursuits (2010)
Historical Graffiti (2016)
The Revolt Against Tired Noises (2018)


Recorded at Gatos Trail Studio, Joshua Tree CA

Released 2019-06-14
Reviewed 2019-08-05


heavy psych sounds

Desert Rock Godfathers is the genre according to the label, so how about these godfathers and their latest album? Will it make you yawn or cheer? The album is called Macedonian Lines and it is their third album since 2016, they were a lot less diligent in their earlier days than nowadays. The band was formed back in the 1980s but it took until 2005 before they released their debut album. Since then there has been a few more but most of them lately. They are considered legendary among desert rockers according to some; I find it most amusing that they keep inventing strange genres but I guess it makes it easier to become a legend if you are relatively alone in your sub-genre. But what about the music then?

It appears that desert rock is instrumental rock, at least in this case. I don’t see this as too different from many other instrumental rock albums I have heard, it focuses on atmosphere more than complexity and virtuosity. Strong melodies, interesting soundscapes, perhaps desert like with cactuses and dried grass in a sandy heat haze. Decent variation over six tracks and the playing time feels quite sensible but the album can hardly be described as ground breaking or anything like that. Relatively fresh instrumental rock with focus on beautiful soundscapes and strong production, that is probably how you best describe this unless you want to use the desert rock term.

Good album, with good melodies, atmospheres and songs, some great desert soundscapes to relax the stressed mind – or something like that. Fans of the instrumental rock genre will probably find the album to be quite impressive, I like it as well but while it is relaxing it doesn’t really make a lasting impression. It is a well-made album, a little dreamy and so one but perhaps it could have been a little bit more adventurous and maybe it could have had a little bit more substance and not just atmosphere.

Overall I think it works well, the title track is the finest track of the album but they are all rather good. It is a fun and good album, but it is not so fun that I want to keep the digital files in my music library. But it is not an album that I would have been disappointed if I bought, but the cover is a little bit boring so the vinyl might not look the best in the record shelf. Yawning Man doesn’t make me yawn, but it might not make me jump and cheer either – it is an album that could be worth giving a chance.





Label: Heavy Psych Sounds Records
Three similar bands: Big Scenic Nowhere/Ten East/Fatso Jetson

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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