Alles Gut

1. Liebesschmerz
2. Alles gut
3. Märchenland
4. Probleme
5. Alles Gut (RMX von DAS ICH)
6. Verkehrte Welt (RMX von Andy Haywire)

Walter Stobbe
Olaf Seider

Nervenbeisser (2001)
Feuerteufel (2002)
Bondage (2003)
Geschlechtergeschlagt (2005)
Bondage 2 (2015)
Geschlechtergeschlagt (2016)

Zeitenwandel (2017)

Christoph Czech - Studio drummer

Carolin Schramm - graphics and layout

Released 2019-03-01
Reviewed 2019-04-04


They claim that all is good, and perhaps it is in the world of Nervenbeisser. I did review their latest album and figured that it was a fairly good one, so chances are that this one will be as well. It has six tracks, four new and two remixes – all tracks are performed in the German language, something that is always a refreshing aspect to the music as most bands use the more common English language. And the cover gives a thumb’s up, who can argue with that? Not a thumb’s up for the artwork though.

The music is probably gothic, industrial, pretty vivid use of the keyboards and things like that – vocals in German, good but not great vocals that are relatively typical for the genre. The six tracks have a decent variation and the playing time is okay as well, that is a difference from most EPs where the short playing time makes them feel repetitive when playing it over and over, this is long enough to play just once. And I also think that it has a decent depth and it will be familiar to those knowing what the band has done before, as it is quite typical of their style. The originality is not that great though, but fans of the band will not care about that.

Pretty good stuff, Alles Gut I guess you could claim. Not fantastic but it works and songs like the title track and Märchenland are quite good tracks that I like. I also like that the sing in German as that is a bit less common, then they do things like many others do as well and this short EP soon feels like one that will be fairly quickly forgotten as it doesn’t really stand out compared with much of the other stuff that is released in this genre. Those who like Nervenbeisser and this kind of music will most likely find this an agreeable album.

So, if you are one that collect the stuff of Nervenbeisser it would be a good choice to add this one to the collection, you will probably not be disappointed. They claim that everything is good and perhaps you should take their word for it, who can argue with Alles Gut?






Label: Echozone
Three similar bands: An Erotic End of Times/Schwarzer Engel/The Vision Bleak
Rating: HHH
HHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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