01. Der Tagesablauf
02. Verkehrte Welt
03. Ein letztes Mal
04. Zeitenwandel
05. Glücklich allein
06. Goldener Käfig
07. Du gehst
08. Sieh in dein Herz
09. Todesengel
10. Alles steht still

Olaf Seider - vocals
Walter Stobbe - guitar
Chris Löffel - drums

Nervenbeisser (2001)
Feuerteufel (2002)
Bondage (2003)
Geschlechtergeschlagt (2005)
Bondage 2 (2015)
Geschlechtergeschlagt (2016)

Malle van Marwick
Marc Werner

Produced by Nervenbeisser
Recording, mix and mastering - Sav Media
Artwork by Carolin Scramm and Peter Ederer

Released 2017-10-27
Reviewed 2017-11-23


This band is German, something that is quite obvious from their name and the title of their new album. It is a band with a history stretching back to the early 2000s and they have a few albums in their discography. The sing their songs in the German language which is always a fresh thing to do for something on the international scene and especially fitting for something on the gothic scene. But it is not your everyday gothic album, it has a bit more variation and some more positive tunes than most gothic albums. I think you can compare it with many of the German gothic bands like Schwarzer Engel oder The Vision Bleak to name a pair of them.

Zeitenwandel, their new album offers a well-produced album with decent depth, some hit potential and a decent vocalist. To add to the vocalist discussion I should also point out that he has a rather typical voice for the genre and there is not much standing out in that department, I wouldn’t say that the production stands out either. It is more tracks like Glücklish allein that stands out, some strange catchiness and tempo that isn’t commonplace in the more gothic styles. I think it is an album that offers a very solid production from a relatively strong band, kind of fresh for the genre.

It is also a good album; the songs are good with some of them even offers good energy. It is a likeable album that will most likely appeal to fans of the similar bands and the gothic metal genre, the songs are good and quite varied making this a rather entertaining and semi-fresh gothic metal album. And in its best moments like Glücklish allein and Todesengel it is quite brilliant, there are some less exciting tracks on the album but as a whole I think it is a good album.

I think I should add that the digipak packaging is quite nice as well, so I think it an album that has a fair deal to offer – I think it is an album I will keep as the best songs are so great and it is nicely packaged for my digipak-shelf. So in the end I can just conclude that if you like this kind of music you will like this album, so if the similar bands appeal to you it is probably well worth checking out this album.



Label: Echozone
Three similar bands: An Erotic End of Times/Schwarzer Engel/The Vision Bleak

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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