An Erotic End of Times
Chapter One

01. I Am Become Death
02. Love Is the End
03. No Rights
04. A Freaky World
05. One Second After
06. Writings on the Wall
07. The Hangman
08. The Origin of All Coming Evil

Erwan Frugier
Philippe Deschemin



Produced by Les disques Rubicon
Mastered by Altho Studio
Band picture by Manuel Salazer
Artwork by Yan Sek

Released 2017-06-02
Reviewed 2017-05-17


Chapter One for the French duo An Erotic End of Times, a duo who worked together in a band called Porn and then 2015 formed An Erotic End of Times. I guess there are worse ways for times to end than end in an erotic way. The cover art looks kind of dark and gothic, and they are compared with industrial and gothic rock bands like Type O Negative to mention one. So what about this first chapter then? Is it something worth taking a look at? If you like gothic rock/metal it probably is.

It is industrial/gothic rock/metal with a little sense of darkness and not much sense of erotic things. I would describe it as rather typical of the genre; decent variation over eight tracks that also has a playing time that feels relatively short. Decent production and decent, but fairly typical, vocalist on an album that has some appealing atmosphere but doesn’t really make anyone stop in their stride and take notice.

Pretty good, is what I think and it could be well worth playing through once or twice but in the end I think that it is a rather forgetful album. I wouldn’t say that it is very sexy and the duo may be very competent musicians and decent songwriters but they lack that little extra that makes an album that little bit extra erotic, which makes an album worth revisiting again and again. It feels like it is mostly for fans of the genre and I don’t think it will have that wide appeal.

In the end I have to describe this as a pretty good album, eight good tracks where none stand out, good looking artwork and gothic music that pushes all the right buttons. It is a quality album, but not as sexy or memorable as I would have hoped. Still, it is a good first chapter and now I eagerly await the much-improved second chapter.



Label: Echozone
Three similar bands: Fields of the Nephilim/Type O Negative/Katatonia

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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