Bai Bang
Best of Four

1. Everybody Everywhere
2. Are You Ready I'm Ready
3. Rock It
4. Hey Hey You
5. Livin' My Dream
6. Gonna Make It
7. Only The Best Die Young
8. Come On
9. Stop Messin' Around
10. Raise Your Hands
11. I Love The Things You Hate

Diddi Kastenholt - Vocals
Christoffer Svensson - Bass
Filip Vilhelmsson - Guitar
Oskar Wennberg - Drums

Enemy Lines (1989)
Cop To Con (1992)
Riding High (1996)
Attitude (2001)
Best Of Bai Bang (2006)
Are You Ready (2009)
Livin' My Dream (2011)

All Around the World (2013)

Rock of Live (2017)



Released 2019-05-31
Reviewed 2019-06-04


lions pride music

Swedish heroes of Bai Bang has been around for quite a while and done four albums, then a best of album and now they have done four more albums and just released a new best of album covering those last four albums. We have reviewed three of those albums, all of them positively even five points for two of them. So a best of effort covering those albums would have a solid pool of great songs to choose from. So what about this one then?

It is glam rock/metal or sleaze rock/metal, catchy, energetic, a lot more exciting and interesting than countrymen Pretty Wild that I reviewed some days ago. Good sound and as their albums are fairly similar in style they fit well together almost like a regular album, and they keep it short enough as well with less than 40 minutes of playing time. Perhaps less variation than you might suspect from a best of release but decent enough to keep someone listening for the entire playing time.

I am not really a fan of best of albums; I like albums that are written to be albums. When you gather songs from different albums or make playlists the experience of listening is never as good. And they have done albums that I like better than this one, but it is hard to argue away the fact that they have gathered a really strong collection of songs for this album and if you just want something to listen to from Bai Bang this would be a good choice.

An enjoyable collection of songs, it is catchy and with strong songs. But being a compilation it lacks the appeal of a fresh and new album and I would argue that the previous albums I have written about has been more appealing than this one. Many of those songs are here and this one works alright but I have heard it all before and because of that it is less interesting and less exciting than it was the first time I heard the songs. So perhaps the album is a bit unnecessary but I would describe it as good nonetheless, so if you want to enjoy Bai Bang for a while this would be a good choice.





Label: Lions Pride Music
Three similar bands: L.A. Guns/Def Leppard/Europe

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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