Danger Zone
Closer to Heaven

1. Turn It Up
2. Go! (closer to heaven)
3. Higher Than High
4. I´m All In
5. Here Where I Belong
6. I Love Crazy
7. All For You
8. Tonight
9. Human Contact
10. Not That Lonely
11. Hard Rock Paradise

Roberto Priori - Guitars
Paolo Palmieri - Drums
Giacomo Gigantelli - Vocals
Roberto Galli - Bass

Victim of Time (EP 1984)
Line of Fire (2011)
Undying (2012)

Pier Mazzini - keyboard
Michele Luppi - keyboard

Produced by Roberto Priori and Jody Gray at the PriStudio in Bologna

Released 2016-04-15
Reviewed 2016-03-16

pride & joy

A Swiss danger zone is what I thought about this album after hearing it, then I read about it and notice that it is an Italian band that are coming closer to heaven with their new album. Their story is long, it started back in 1984 with an EP and then a long time later, in 2011, and they released an album and then another album 2012. This is their third album and the question is whether or not it will take us music fans a little closer to heaven as well. The artwork is quite nice but it along with the logo is quite telling of what to expect from this album.

It is melodic rock music, AOR might also be a correct description of what to expect. Excellent production, the sound is really good, the singer is good – and probably the reason as to why I think they sound Swiss as he has that kind of voice. I don’t think they offer that much in terms of fresh thinking or originality, they follow the format to the letter. Fans of the genre might find it interesting, I think that they could use a little bit more variation. There are eleven tracks and 47 minutes on this album that is a quality production but maybe not a creatively very interesting album.

There is no doubt that this is a good album, the songs are a good listen with catchy choruses and strong melodies. It is an album that is easy to take in and it makes you positive, but it is also an album you grow tired of rather quickly. I think the risk is that they will end up lost among the legions of similar album that are being released these days. To be noticed you need to either make something that stand out stylistically or can be described as fantastic and those are descriptions that don’t quite fit Danger Zone’s new album.

The opening track is the best in my opinion, not that the rest of the tracks are good but it is just that it is difficult to be really enthusiastic about one more well made but creatively rather anonymous album. As I already pointed out before, I think that it is a good album but I do also think that I will have forgotten about it before it has even been released. Fans of the genre might find it very appealing as it pushes all the right buttons for those fans, so if you are a fan of AOR or melodic rock music you might want to have a closer look at what this album have to offer.



Label: Pride & Joy Music /GerMusica
Three similar bands: Gotthard/Bonfire/Hardline
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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