Cry For Help

01. Cry 4 Help (Radio Version)
02. Cry 4 Help (Long Version)
03. Cry 4 Help (Acoustic Version)
04. You Make Me Feel (Live at The Masters Of RockCZ)
05. I Need You (Private Version)
06. Just Follow The Rainbow (Live at The Masters Of RockCZ)

Claus Lessmann - lead vocals & guitar
Hans Ziller - guitar
Chris Limburg - guitar
Uwe Kohler - bass
Dominik Hülshorst - drums

Studio albums
1986: Don't Touch the Light
1987: Fireworks
1989: Point Blank
1991: Knock Out
1996: Feels Like Comin' Home
1996: Freudenfeuer (German version of Feels Like Comin' Home)
1998: Rebel Soul
1999: Fuel to the Flames
2001: Strike Ten
2003: Free
2006: Double X
2008: The Räuber
2011: Branded
Live albums
1993: Live...The Best
2002: Live Over Europe!
2005: One Acoustic Night
2007: Double Vision
2011: Fireworks... still alive



Released 25/5-2012
Reviewed 20/6-2012


Bonfire returns with a cry for help, a cry for the weak and those who has no say in their life and their situations. The ones I speak of are of course the animals, the friends of Bonfire. The song is an old one that is being remade for this EP that is made to benefit animals in distress, on euro of the money you pay for this EP will go to the animal rights organisation PETA. A noble cause I would say, we should support those who cannot speak for themselves yet becomes abused by people, too bad we cannot kill those who cries for the extermination of bears and animals in the area where I live, I hate those people. Then of course we have people like the guys of Bonfire and others who work to help these animals who are being mistreated and abused by idiots. For this occasion they have altered the lyrics of the song slightly, just to illustrate their point, below you have a quote:

"Who sheds a tear for the crocodile
That you carry as a bag?
Does your mink coat still keep you warm
When you think about its fate?
It ain't just another protest song
About laboratory crimes
It's also a cry for help
For the cowards of our time."

It is an EP of six tracks, it sounds rather classical Bonfire with a melodic yet a touch raw sound, well polished production and strong choruses. Three of the tracks is the title track in different versions like a radio edit, a long version and an acoustic version then there is two live tracks and one more. Not too much of a variation albeit one live track does not sound like a live track other than in its ending and that might constitute something of a variation but other than that there is not much variation to be honest. The tracks are as I said six in number and the EP plays for 24 minutes, I would say that sound wise there is not much in terms of breaking new ground musically and none of the songs on the album are even new for Bonfire so in that sense there is not much on offer but it is for a good cause and such things can sometimes outweigh other niggles.

I think that this EP is rather good, the title track is amazing to say the least but the rest feels just like they are there to add a few songs to it. Anyway I think this EP is good enough, not brilliant or world changing even though the title track is brilliant, the rest however is rather average so in the end it becomes an EP a little above average and one that I can recommend looking into and buying as it is for a good cause and you get a cool cover art as well.



Label: LZ Records/Yesterrock/Germusica
Three similar bands: Night Ranger/Gotthard/Foreigner
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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