Danger Zone

1. Undying
2. IToI
3. Half A Chance
4. Paralyzed
5. Hottest Fire
6. Falling Up
7. Desire
8. Goin' On
9. More Heaven Than Hell
10. Stand Up
11. The Dreaming
12. Love Still Finds A Way

Giacomo Gigantelli - Vocals
Roberto Priori - Guitars
Roberto Galli - Bass
Paolo Palmieri - Drums

Victim of Time (1984)
Metalmaniac (1987)
Line of Fire (2011)

Acoustic Guitars: Antonio Capolupo
Keyboards: Roberto Priori and Jody Gray
Cellos: The Peanut Butter and Jellyfish Ensemble
Additional Orchestrations / Arranging and Programming: Jody Gray
Background Vocals: Frank Di Minno, Jody Gray and Danger Zone

Produced by Roberto Priori
Co-Produced by Jody Gray
Engineered by Roberto Priori at PriStudio, Bologna, Italy
Additional recordings engineered by Frank Di Minno and Jody Gray at Studio Z, Brewster, NY and Gray Noise Studios, New York City, NY, USA.

Released 2/11-2012
Reviewed 10/11-2012

avenue of allies

A zone of danger consisting of italians, four of them to be exact and this is their fourth effort. Danger Zone started their existence back in the early eighties and then they were going for a while before breaking up, they then reformed again in 2010 and now it is time for number four which is called Undying. An album with a greenish cover that isn’t very attractive is what we have here and a lot of press text filled with uninteresting and irrelevant information about them opening for Saxon once and played here and there and some about their earlier albums and so on. I would say that is fair enough if the text hadn’t been so long about a band that really hasn’t that interesting a history. Well, is that history going to get more interesting with this fourth album?

Well, if you look for interesting or creativity this is not the album for you as it is quite standard melodic rock or AOR, built around catchy choruses and with lots of melodies and a classic rock singer. The production is quite good I would say with very good sound and all of that, a classical melodic rock album it is and to make something more than that out it would be to exaggerate. A product of rather good quality I would say that it is, nothing extraordinary but still quite well made nonetheless.

A quite good album I would call this one, nothing that really stands out but it is still quite good. The start of the album is not that impressive though, these songs are just too ordinary to really impress and the album picks up a lot towards the end. The second half of the album is very good and had the album in full been that good this album would have been impressive, but now its not. Still it is a good album, albeit a bit too ordinary to really stand out in a very crowded genre.

So, who should get this album then? Well, I think that the AOR collector will find this very satisfactory and then of course the fans if the band will find this quite amusing. For the more casual music fanatic it would probably not be a preferred choice but on the other hand you would probably not be disappointed had you bought the album either. In the end this is a good album and a good listen, just maybe a tad ordinary.



Label: Avenue of Allies/Germusica
Three similar bands: F.E.A.S.T/Dokken/Ufo
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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