The Silence

01. Intro
02. The silence
03. Ilusions turned into dust
04. Awake
05. Pain
06. Ghost of death
07. Black birds
08. Moon’s delusion
09. Temptation

Claus Ulka - vocals
Mirko - guitar
Gunki - guitar
Jones - bass
Henning - keys
Matze - drums

September (2009)



Released 2013-05-03
Reviewed 2013-05-05



Germany’s Difused are not really a diffuse band even though both their name and album cover art seem to suggest that. They are a band releasing their second album which is called The Silence, not one dedicated to silence though. It is a nine track album that plays for less than forty minutes by a band who has a website that is an image and a few links to different social forum sites. I have no idea why bands these days thinks a solid informative website is a bad idea, then again I am not able to provide any info about the band as I do not visit social forums and not even there has most bands find it good to say something of value about themselves. Fortunately the label sent out some info in german so at least I got to know something about these guys because internet isn’t exactly flooded with those things.

Anyway, their music doesn’t offer much in terms of originality, I guess you could call it modern melodic death metal made from the template. In the same mould as countless bands with nothing really diverting from them. The growly vocals are according to genre code, as are the clean vocals and there are no surprises. The production is as good as the standard of the genre, nothing fancy there either. So what sets these guys apart, what is their reason for claiming my interest? The answer is that I have no idea, there is nothing fresh, nothing new coming from these guys, they stay within the established confines of the genre and they seem to take really good care not to divert from what is established already.

This needs them to be absolutely brilliant to stand out in a very large crowd which is this genre and they aren’t. Sure, they are a good listen but so is many and they are amongst those many, they do what they do well but cannot really take it to another level. It is one of those bands you might enjoy listening to and so on but not one of those you will ever remember. I suppose that next time I will review these guys I will probably not even remember that I wrote this review as it is just another one of another middle of the road album. Why can’t new bands be fresh and exciting anymore? are people nowadays too afraid to fall outside the frame? Difused clearly seem to be.

This album is too good to be bad and too bad to be really good, they are bang in the middle of the scale. An okay album to listen to, a good album to listen to, but not one that you will ever remember when you have done so. I don’t think more text is needed, it is good no more, no less.



Label: 7Hard
Three similar bands: Adorned Brood/Misery Speaks/Scar Symmetry
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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