Blood of Serpents
Mind Made For Murder

1. Born in Blood
2. Backyard Burial
3. Death World Tour
4. Raven's Eye
5. Unhallowed

Benny Åkeson - Bass
Kristian Roupe - Drums
Fredrik Nilsson - Guitars
Rodney Gutierrez-Cortez - Vocals

Leave You to the Flies (EP 2012)


Recorded at various times between October and November 2012 at Twisting Serpent Studios.
Produced by Blood of Serpents and Lars Broddesson.

Released 2013-01-22
Reviewed 2013-03-05


They call themselves Blood of Serpents and their new EP is called Mind Made for Murder, that sounds quite gruesome I would say but of course names and all of that isn’t always the correct way to judge a band. This is the second EP of these guys, the first one came in 2012 and this one in 2013, other than it has been co-produced with a guy from Marduk there isn’t much to find out about this EP, the web is not littered with information about it or about the band. Question is what this second EP of Blood of Serpents has to offer anyone who is a music fan.

They say it is a death/thrash metal thing and that is about right I would say. I would say that it is founded in the death metal genre and then it has some elements borrowed from thrash to spice things up. The vocals are thrashy in style, kind of like the ones you here from the more extreme thrash metal bands. The style of music is quite heavy and quite rough, not as polished as the more commercial offerings in the genre but neither as bad as some. There are five tracks on the EP and they play for about 25 minutes, the tempo is not the fastest but it varies a little bit in style and cannot be described as static which is always good. The style in itself is not quite commercial but neither is it the basement production of death/thrash metal. I would say that the quartet has a good idea how to make good songs and they are skilled enough to make fascinating music but then we have to wonder if these skills are put to good use.

I would say that they are, the five songs on this EP are good and keeps you entertained while listening, provided you haven’t listened to something that is really well produced just before listening to this of course. The production is to me their biggest achilles heel, it is a bit too rough for my taste and in my view it is somewhat detrimental to the bigger picture. I also think that they could have made the songs themselves a bit more dynamic but that might also be down to the production. I think however that all the songs of the EP are rather good and that of course means that the EP itself is quite good as well and I have no bigger complaints, it works well and if you are a fan of the more extreme kind of metal you will probably find this very interesting.

It feels as Blood of Serpents is a well guarded secret this far, there is not much to be found about them which is a bit of a shame as they are talented bunch and if they sort some smaller things I believe they are capable of some really interesting stuff in the future. Until then however, we always have this little EP that is well worth spending 25 minutes of your time to get to know, especially if you prefer the extremer kind of metal.



Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Destruction/By the Patient/Deus Otiosus
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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