By the Patient

Label: Deathbound Records
Three similar bands: Amon Amarth/Mordax/Unleashed
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. A Distorted Mirror Image
2. Hours Of Mist
3. Veil Of Depression
4. Where Time Collapsed
5. Eyes
6. Premonitions
7. All Is Valid
8. Oceans of Emptiness
9. Forests

Adam Schønnemann - Drums
Troels C Nielsen - Bass
Theis W. Poulsen - Guitar
Simon S. Andersen - Guitar
Tan - Vocals

The Carcass Monologue (EP 2008)
Catenation of Adversity (EP 2009)
Servants (2010)

Anders Brink - Guitar solo on 8
Christian Hede - Guitar solo on 4

Produced, mixed and mastered by Jacob Bredahl
Toshihiro Egawa - Artwork

Released 25/9-2012
Reviewed 1/11-2012

deathbound records

Premonitions by the patient, that doesn’t sound good. For the patient, that is. Strange name on this Danish band who have recently released their second album which is called Premonitions and has a pretty neat album cover that looks dark and exciting. I wonder what these premonitions are about, maybe a bright future as one of the best death metal acts out there or perhaps it is about a third album that the premonitions showed when they recorded this second album.

It is death metal this one, it is based in the american styled death metal but also of the Gothenburg style death metal with perhaps a little emphasis on the Gothenburg style. Lots of aggression and power with a good balance between the heaviness and and the melodic side. The vocalist strengthens this impression when he sings with lots of aggression and sounds like a death metal should sound but rarely does, he has a evil rawness to his singing. The production is very good and offers a sound that is well balanced between the rawness and the melodies and the power. The songs are also quite long on this album with the nine tracks reaching around 47 minutes and showing some decent variation within the musical framework they have set up for the album. I think you could say that this is a quite powerful death metal album.

I would call this a good death metal album, it has a lot of power and nine good songs. I think that if you like death metal you will probably enjoy this album. The thing is though, that this album lacks a strong focal point, something that makes you want to play this album over and over again. Another thing is that this album also doesn’t really offer anything that is new and exciting, but nevertheless it is a good and really well made album and if you are a fan of the genre you will most definitely enjoy this album as it is really good.

In the end I cannot really muster up much to say about this album as it is good but it doesn’t really have anything that catches my full attention. But then again I doubt that I am the target audience so if you are I am quite sure that you will enjoy this album as it is a very good death metal album.




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