Deus Otiosus

1. I Have Seen Him Slay
2. Thousand Arms of the Dead
3. Wall of Violence
4. Ye Pigs of Little Faith
5. Whore Limbs
6. No Life
7. Ash World
8. Murderer

Anders Bo Rasmussen - vocals
Peter Engkjaer - guitars
Henrik Engkjaer - guitars
Jens Nepper - bass
Seren Bentsen - drums




Released 27/8-2010
Reviewed 22/9-2011


Their name means idle god which according to some info I found somewhere where I cannot recall, is referring to a god that has abandoned his creation. They are from Denmark and they released their debut album in 2010, in august which is just a year ago and before you complain about us being slow: we did not get the album before the 12th of august this year which of course is 2011. On the face of this debut album there are some disturbing things, first of all the album cover which looks like something that would be on a sorry sounding pathetic black metal album. Then we have this ridiculous title, pair that with most of the rubbish song titles and then you have something that at a first glance looks really uninteresting.

The promotional information speaks of primitive death metal which of course is something that usually put me off, it also speaks of a band who has forgotten which time they live in and what has happened within the death metal. I think you could call it traditional death metal but with a little more melody and not quite as repetitive as it sometimes can be. The sound and general production is adequate for the task, it is not detracting from the music and the sound is maybe not the most modern but okay for the genre but in all honesty the production of this album is nothing special. There are eight tracks on the album and it takes about 41 minutes to play through these eight tracks, it ends rather abruptly as well this album.

This album starts rather awful with some guttural roaring, it is not only unimaginative and silly it is also creating a negative attitude towards the album to begin with. The song following these annoying growls opening it, is a decent song with some interesting melody and good energy. Fact is that the album overall has a rather good sound and some decent melodies throughout, sure it will never be world changing music but it is alright.

Besides really bad start I would say that the end is quite poorly conceived as well as it feels as though the album just ends in the middle of something. What is in between though is good enough to keep it interesting enough to remain a good death metal album. Still, what do I know, I am not really that much of an expert when it comes to music of the death metal kind. But I kind of like what I hear on this album, it is good enough to play through, short enough not to become boring. The sound is nothing world changing but it is adequate for the musical style, so I would say that this is a good death metal album.

It is an album that is not as primitive as promised in the promo sheet, that is something at least I find fortunate. It is no breath of fresh air or nothing innovative either but it is quite well performed and with some improvement to the vocals along with removing the rubbish start and the ending it would be even better but I guess that is something to work with for upcoming work, after all this is only the band’s first album. It will not make you a murderer but it might provide you with a while of decent entertainment.


Label: American Line
Three similar bands: Hideous Invasion/Vader/Morbid Angel
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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