Label: Massacre Records
Three similar bands: Die Toten Hosen/Böhse Onkelz/Frei.Wild

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Löwenherz
2. Steck den Kopf nicht in den Sand
3. Ich falle
4. Finde deine Flügel
5. Sinnkrise
6. Als gäbe es kein Morgen mehr
7. Auch Engel können fallen
8. Gib nie auf
9. Gewinner, die immer nur verlieren
10. Es ist an der zeit
11. Ich lebe
12. Der letzte Vorhang

Felix Orschel - Vocals, Guitars
Andreas Arnold - Guitars
Benny Daniel - Bass
Matthias Heylmann - Drums

Unherzlich Willkommen (2010)
Herzschlag (2011)
Die Wahrheit Liegt Dazwischen (2012)
Sturm und Drang (2014)

Jetzt oder Nie (2015)
Das Volk stellt die Leichen (2017)
Für Immer (2018)

Mainstream (2020)

Richard Jung & Jessica Conte - Guest vocals on "Es ist an der Zeit"
Jean Bormann - Guest vocals on "Sinnkrise“ and "Löwenherz"

Produced by Andreas Arnold.
Mixed and mastered by Michael Kraxenberger at Sick Of Sound Studio; except for "Löwenherz", which was mixed and mastered by Marvin Kinkel
Cover artwork designed by Jan Stürm (Atelier JS Design) and Matthias Heylmann

Released 2022-07-08
Reviewed 2022-06-26


masscare records

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We have written about German rockers Unherz several times now, many of their previous eight albums have been reviewed by us, like the latest offering Mainstream. Now comes their ninth album that was written during the year of the pandemic leading to a theme that is a bit darker, the lyrics are more on the hardships of life. Not really an original theme, but perhaps it is enough for the band to evolve a bit considering that their albums have been repeating themselves for a while now – each album sounding the same as before, not really that interesting. The cover is more interesting this time though, but what about the songs?

If you have heard the band before it will be familiar to you, in general I wouldn’t say that it is much that differentiate this album from the previous eight. It is almost like the band hasn’t learnt anything during all their years making albums, not unlike most bands, but few are as diligent as these guys. Their rock with German lyrics is catchy, powerful, easy to like, simplistic, and quite enjoyable. The production is modern and good, there isn’t much to complain in that regard. The fresh ideas are not many, if any, and that is a bit of a negative, as is the endless playing time – they don’t pull of that long playing time.

Like the previous albums it is good, I will not say that you should avoid this one or anything like that, it is a strong album in many regards. But having heard most of their previous I cannot say that it brings anything of particularly added value to the band’s catalogue, I wouldn’t add any of these songs to my live repertoire if I was the band – there is no outstanding song on this album. It works, it is enjoyable for a while but it is another one of those albums that has me wondering – and believing that the only reason for making this album is to try and make some money from the music as otherwise I cannot see why anyone would make it. A creative person don’t repeat the same thing over and over, they look to accomplish something new and exciting, not the same old stuff once more.

Mostly recycled songs with new lyrics and titles, that is how I would describe the new album by Unherz. But as they recycle something really good it is worth listening to it, especially if you are a fan of the band.