Stand Atlantic

Label: Hopeless Records
Three similar bands: New Found Glory/Neck Deep/State Champs

Rating: HHHHHHH (7/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. doomsday
2. pity party (feat. Royal & The Serpent)
3. van gogh
4. dumb
5. hair out
6. deathwish (feat. nothing, nowhere.)
7. switchblade
8. nails from the back
9. bloodclot
10. don’t talk [to me]
11. xo
12. cabin fever (feat. my literal mum)
13. molotov [OK]
14. i wonder what kind of garlic bread they serve at MENSA

Bonnie Fraser - vocals, guitar
Miki Rich - bass
Jonno Panichi - drums
David Potter - guitars

Skinny Dipping (2018)
Pink Elephant (2020)

nothing, nowhere.
Royal & The Serpent
my literal mum


Released 2022-05-06
Reviewed 2022-05-07

hopeless records

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I must admit that Stand Atlantic is one of my absolute favourite bands, their two previous albums may not be the highest rated I have, but the highlight songs are capitalised in the biggest possible letters. The brilliance is undeniable there, and I wonder if I wasn’t unfairly conservative in rating Pink Elephant considering that it is the most played album in my iTunes library. But that is in the past, now it is the anti-concept album called F.E.A.R. that is to be evaluated, Fuck Everything And Run. A good reflection on the time we have, if I could I would. And I read about how Bonnie Fraser claims that she doesn’t want to be seen as a creative visionary or immortalised for her oxygen-starved emotions put on paper just to be able to breathe, as she says. I wonder somehow, people who say things like that usually want to be seen as what they say they don’t want to be seen as, but who gives a shit anyway? After all it is what we hear when we listen to the album that matters, and whatever the creators want to say should be there.

The band is rooted in the pop-punk style with catchy songs that has lots of attitude. The debut album Skinny Dipping was fairly conventional in that style, Pink Elephant took things to another level and offered a lot more, and now they take it even further with a lot more blending of styles and other mad additions. There are lots of little hidden spoken word things and, the attitude is a lot more prevalent than on the previous two albums. They have a fresh sound, excellent production, and with a singer that is the best the genre has to offer they make songs with attitude, energy and a sense of fuck you! It is difficult to see any band in the more commercial styles of music that is even close to as creative and original as Stand Atlantic, this album is unpredictable, a bit mad, and it has an amazing attitude of not really giving a shit about what you or I think – I really hope that is the case, because if it is we can probably expect more strokes of genius from this band in the future.

As you already know, I adore this album – it is outstanding and without a doubt the best album of 2022. Since there have been only two albums given full marks in the last five years, I am fairly certain that this album also will be the best album of 2022 when the year is over. It is one of the best albums I have reviewed for this zine, and I just cannot stop listening. There are no weaknesses, even the weaker parts are outstanding, and the best tracks are track one to fourteen, it is brilliance from start to finish. Bonnie may claim that she doesn’t want to be immortalised or seen as a creative visionary, so let’s not idolise her one bit, but that doesn’t stop this album from being a timeless classic that no music fan should miss. So, let’s fuck everything and run, with this album as a soundtrack you can’t go wrong.