Stand Atlantic
Skinny Dipping

1. Lavender Bones
2. Bullfrog
3. Skinny Dipping
4. Speak Slow
5. Cigarette Kiss
6. Lost My Cool
7. Toothpick
8. Burn In The Afterthought
9. Clay (feat. Hannah Hermione)
10. Roses

Bonnie Fraser – vocals and guitar
David Potter – guitar
Jonno Panichi – drums

Sidewinder (EP 2017)

Hannah Hermione

Producer: Stevie Knight
Mix Engineer: James Paul Wisner
Mastering Engineer: Grant Berry - Fader Mastering

Released 2018-10-26
Reviewed 2019-01-28

hopeless records

Today we are going skinny dipping with Bonnie and her band Stand Atlantic. It is the debit album of the trio and it follows the debut EP Sidewinder that was released the year before. And as this album was released a few months ago it has already been reviewed by quite a few reviewers and to some acclaim I have to say, some have even given it full marks. Now, I usually don’t agree much with what other reviewers write but this album is as they suggest, it is really good.

Pop-punk is what it is about, high energy with catchy songs and uplifting mood. The sound is modern, I would call it quite fresh and while they may not stand out too much in terms of originality, they still do stand out a bit. I also think that they offer a high quality production, and that Bonnie is a great vocalist, perhaps one of the best of the pop-punk genre – I don’t think I can come up with a better one at this moment. And they also keep it fairly varied and quite short as well, it is certainly an album that will not have you thinking that it is too long.

Great album! That is really all we need to know about it, it is positive, catchy, entertaining with great energy and vocals – it has everything you want an album of the pop-punk variety to have. And most of all it has some really great songs, 34 minutes of enjoyable music. It is hard picking a favourite song but perhaps that the title track is the most memorable one, but I like all of the tracks of the album and there are certainly no weaknesses. It is an album that puts you in a more positive mood, and I would claim that it is a very enjoyable album.

Well worth checking out, worth enjoying, high quality pop-punk that works really well and comes highly recommended. It is 34 minutes that helps put you in a better mood, a good mood enhancer, which should be reason enough to get oneself a copy of the album and then go for a bit of skinny-dipping.





Label: Hopeless Records
Three similar bands: New Found Glory/Neck Deep/State Champs

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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