State Champs
Living Proof

1. Criminal
2. Frozen
3. Crystal Ball
4. Dead and Gone
5. Lightning
6. Our Time To Go
7. Safe Haven
8. Something About You
9. The Fix Up
10. Cut Through The Static
11. Mine Is Gold
12. Time Machine
13. Sidelines


Derek DiScanio – lead vocals
Tyler Szalkowski – lead guitar, backing vocals
Tony "Rival" Diaz – rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Ryan Scott Graham – bass, backing vocals
Evan Ambrosio – drums, percussion

The Finer Things (2013)
Around the World and Back (2015)


Produced by John Feldmann, Mike Green and Kyle Black

Released 2018-06-15
Reviewed 2018-09


pure noise records

Pop punkrockers of State Champs return with album number three; Living Proof is what they have decided to call it. Living Proof of what? That is a question for you, I know I am not really impressed by the artwork as the album doesn’t look particularly exciting. And it was recorded in two sessions with different producers, perhaps to give a certain feel or something. This I get to know by reading the very long text that came with the promo, it also explains that they have worked with some well-known names in the creation of this new album. So, how about it? Is it any good?

Undeniably well produced is it, and with good but also quite typical vocals of the pop punk genre. The sound is great and it is catchy with pretty decent energy, it feels like a radio-friendly album. The variation is good through the album and keeps me listening until it ends, and I would describe it as a solid album from these champs. But they aren’t really offering anything new and exciting from the creative aspect and I find myself imagining that I have heard this album before, and that happens the first time I hear the album.

Not too exciting in the novelty department but a good album with strong catchy songs, and I don’t think the album has any weaker track. So it is catchy with good songs, it can’t really go wrong. I doubt anyone will dislike the album, but the question is whether or not it stands out enough to really make an impression in the world of music and of that I am not so sure. It sounds a bit too much like everything else in the pop punk genre and while you can’t really dislike it, it is also hard to really love it – it is missing those standout hit songs that makes a good album great. Dead and Gone is the closest one, it is a really good song and probably the most memorable of this release.

Keep pop punk fans and fans of these champs will find this to be a very appealing album, it has strong tracks and catchy music. You can’t really go wrong with an album like this, it works well and I think it is a fun album that could be worth having a look at if you are one of those who enjoy the likes of Good Charlotte, Blink-182 and names like that. Good album.






Label: Pure Noise Records
Three simiar bands: All Time Low/Blink-182/Good Charlotte

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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