Crash Nomada
En Rispa I Evigheten

Label: Bird Nest Records
Three similar bands: The Clash/Mano Negra/Gogol Bordello

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Lyser upp allt
2. Rispa i evigheten
3. Hata din identitet
4. Ragnarök
5. Neoluddit
6. Fällor
7. Kom fram
8. Ett steg närmare
9. Fara överallt
10. Långt bort härifrån

Johan Hagenby – electric guitar, vocals
Linus Fransson– drums, percussion, vocals
Mathilda Sundin – bass, vocals
Ragnar Bey – vocals, acoustic guitar
Sam Edin – violin, vocals
Walter Salé – accordion, vocals

Exile Deluxe (as Dorlene Love 2008)
Atlas Pogo (2012)
Crash Nomada (2018)


Recorded in Evil Bertil Studio IV, Köping, by Per Granberg
Mixed and Mastered by Göran Frid

Released 2022-04-29
Reviewed 2022-04-30


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Crash Nomada rips through eternity with their third album, that looks very much like something from the Swedish countryside with gravel roads and folkish looking people. We have praised the band’s folk punk before, and this time we are promised esoteric wisdoms, criticism on society, and other things folkish in an album where the songs are closely intertwined with parts returning through the songs. Lyrics in Swedish, with violins and accordions they are combining Swedish folk music with punk rock in a way that is quite original.

I can quote (roughly translated) the press release when it comes to describing the style of this album; “very heavy, catchy, dirty, dancey – and more coloured by Swedish folk music than before” it kind of is what we hear. It is direct, raw, catchy and powerful, recorded live in studio for that direct sound. They combine the vocals so you have some cool duets, pretty good variation in songs that are short and go straight to the point. It is a simple, short, and straightforward album with a fresh and personal sound.

When I opened the package and noticed that it was a CD by Crash Nomada I was immediately intrigued and when I started playing, I was not disappointed. It is a fun, and great album with many great songs, and the smaller flaws that are there aren’t really worth mentioning. I think they have made an album that is at least as good as the predecessor, and a great album that I enjoy listening to – I like the songs Kom Fram and Fara Överallt in particular, but there is plenty of hit potential throughout this album and it holds up well for repeated listening.

It might be one of the top list albums when 2022 is summarised many months from now, it is an album well worth checking out. It is catchy, heavy, and fun, even more so if you understand Swedish, but even if you don’t the album is very enjoyable. It is great stuff!