Crash Nomada

1. Tusen Sånger
2. Någon Form av Svar
3. Cuatro Caminos
4. Stenålderssjäl
5. Ljuset Som Du Sökte
6. Mörk Europeisk Himmel
7. Ingenting Är Sant
8. Det Här Är Ditt Liv
9. Mälaren
10. Bomullskrona

Ragnar Bey - Vocals, guitar
Toro - Drums, percussion, vocals
Tomoko Sukenobu - Bass, vocals
John Hagenby - Guitar, saz-cümbüs, vocals
Walter Salé Accordion, vocals
Sara Edin - Violin, vocals

Exile Deluxe (as Dorlene Love 2008)
Atlas Pogo (2012)


Produced by Jari Haapalainen
Mixed by Pelle Gunnerfeldt
Mastered by Håkan Åkesson at Nutid Studio

Released 2018-11-09
Reviewed 2018-11-06


transnational records

Folk punk band Crash Nomada returns with a self titled second album that follows their first album Atlas Pogo that we reviewed positively in 2012. It looks kind of grey but the digipak I was provided looks really good and I think I will keep it. The press sheet tells us about a heavier and darker album than before and with lyrics that cuts through our present time and our history. Not that you will understand the lyrics anyway as they sing in Swedish this time, and I would say that it is a rather good idea. It is also mentioned that the band is an explosive live act and these new songs are probably thought of as a good addition to this rather explosive live act. That live sensation goes through the album as well, it is recorded live in the studio to catch the directness and nerve. So how about it?

Understanding what the songs are about might be a tricky as it is in a language that few understand but the directness and energy are easy to understand. It is refreshingly unpolished, built on a punky foundation with folk music touches and some unusual instruments in the punky setting. We get accordions, violins, we get some post-punk energy, some folk some of many things in a great raw sounding package. I also think that the vocals are quite strong, the singer Ragnar fits the band perfectly and add a great dimension to the songs. Good variation over the album and the playing time feels quite sensible as well; I think that this album can be described as fairly original while still feeling familiar.

Naturally a big stroke of genius is to use their native Swedish tongue as the language of choice in the lyrical department and that alone makes the album quite exotic. But it is also great because of the fresh and raw feel of the songs, and I really like this album. I do however think that the ending song is a bit dull and the album could have done better without it, but that is the only weaker point of the album. With songs like the opening Tusen Sånger along with Mörk Europeisk Himmel, Ljuset Som Du Sökte and Mälaren it becomes a great album that is enjoyable to listen to. Crash Nomada is an album that is easy to like, easy to enjoy, it is quite fresh and amusing – I think that Crash Nomada push all the right buttons with their music, had they just left out the final track it would have been a very impressive album. But it is impressive nonetheless.

Killer album, isn’t that a clever conclusion? It is surely an album that you should have a closer look at, it’s a great and refreshingly unpolished album with great songs sung in Swedish. I think that Crash Nomada is a great album and not as grey as the cover art suggests – I suggest that you check it out.





Label: Transnational Records
Three similar bands: The Clash/Mano Negra/Gogol Bordello

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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