Circle of Silence
Walk Through Hell

Label: Massacre Records
Three similar bands:
Fireforce/Mystic Prophecy/Rebellion
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Down To Hell
2. Prisoner Of Time
3. Walk Through Hell
4. United
5. I Am Fear
6. At War With Yourself
7. Triumph Over Tragedy
8. I Want More
9. The Curse
10. Far Beyond The Sun
11. God Is A Machine
12. This Is War (Bonus Track)
13. Fire (Bonus Track)

Nick Keim - Vocals
Christian Sommerfeld - Guitars
Tobias Pfahl - Guitars
Björn Boehm - Bass
Peter Suppinger - Drums

Your Own Story (2006)
The Supremacy Of Time (2008)
The Blackened Halo (2011)
The Rise of Resistance (2013)

The Crimson Throne (2018)


Produced by Circle Of Silence at COS Studios
Mixed and mastered by Kai Stahlenberg at Kohlekeller Studio B
Cover artwork by Francisco Garcés (a.k.a. Dibujante Nocturno)
Layout and design by Christian Sommerfeld

Released 2022-05-27
Reviewed 2022-08-04


masscare records

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I like Circle of Silence, their powerful power metal is enjoyable to listen to. Despite that I like them I have given them fairly average ratings for the last two albums as they haven’t been that magnificent as albums and not up to the standard of their 2011 release The Blackened Halo. Now they have come with a new album, and they have freshened up their approach slightly, they have tuned down a bit to make it more powerful, and for the first time in a decade they make something a bit fresher than they have done.

Tuned to C is the album this time, and this creates a sound that is darker and more powerful, much more suitable to the vocal style they employ. Those of you already familiar with Circle of Silence will recognise this as a new album by Circle of Silence as they have more freshened up a little than revamp their whole approach. It is still poiwerful power metal with expressive vocals and dark hellish sensations, sort of. It is catchy, and it is powerful, dark, you sing along with their words about the only way out is to walk through hell and things like that. It is a well-balanced sound, dark yet uplifting and catchy, it isn’t always an easy approach. I wouldn’t say that it is a groundbreaking one either, but it sounds fresh enough to make me more interested than the everyday release that I must go through.

A backside of this album is a long playing time, the vinyl version is 48 minutes over eleven tracks, that is long. The CD has two bonus tracks so it is 57 minutes, and that is eternal – so you have to decide what the walk through hell should be, the level vor arduousness you will endure. Not that it is very arduous to listen to Walk Through Hell as it is a really good album, the best one that I have heard by Circle of Silence and one of the better this year. There are many great and catchy songs, I don’t need to lift any in particular but can point out that the opener is a great opener, and that you don’t miss anything if you go for the vinyl and skip the bonus tracks.

I recommend you check out Walk Through Hell as it is a highlight in the heavy/power metal genre, especially if you like the heavier approach to it. I hope the band keeps discovering along this path they have embarked on, hopefully with a more adventurous approach. But now they do at least live up to their potential much more, and have put together a very strong release.