Mystic Prophecy
Metal Division

Label: ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records!
Three similar bands: Helloween/Metallium/Wizard
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Metal Division
2. Eye To Eye
3. Hail To The King
4. Here Comes The Winter
5. Curse Of The Slayer
6. Dracula
7. Together We Fall
8. Die With The Hammer
9. Reincarnation
10. Mirror Of A Broken Heart
11. Victory Is Mine

Roberto Dimitri Liapakis – Vocals
Markus Pohl – Rhythm Guitar
Evan K – Lead Guitar
Joey Roxx – Bass
Hanno Kerstan – Drums

2002: Vengeance
2003: Regressus
2004: Neverending
2006: Savage Souls
2007: Satanic Curses
2009: Fireangel
2011: Ravenlord
2013: Killhammer

2016. War Brigade
2018 Monuments Uncovered


The cover is painted by Stan W Decker.
Produced by Rd Liapakis,
Engineered by Christian Schmid and recorded at Music Factory/Prophecy Studios in Kempten.
Pre-Production by Evan K at Epsilon Studio
Mixed & Mastered by Henrik Udd at Henrik Udd Recording.
Band Photos by Sascha Sinofzik

Released 2020-01-10
Reviewed 2020-01-01



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We start 2020 by writing about Mystic Prophecy, a band that we have written many positive things about during the years. Last time around it was a cover album and now they have their own songs again on this album called Metal Division that starts the new decade for Mystic Prophecy and for Hallowed. It has a cool artwork and eleven tracks, and it is the first album for Mystic Prophecy on ROAR! So, how about it? Is it another strong showcase for a usually very dependable band?

It will be a familiar sound for those knowing the music of Mystic Prophecy with their powerful heavy/power metal featuring the strong vocal prowess of RD Liapakis. The energy is high and it is one of their heaviest efforts to date, it is also one of their most dynamic efforts giving it a powerful feel – the production is excellent, which is usually the case when Mystic Prophecy comes up with a new album. They will probably not win prices for originality but the sense of novelty is still there, so the album feels fresh enough to stand out. Fans of Mystic Prophecy will most likely find this album more than agreeable.

Mystic Prophecy have always been a dependable band putting out strong efforts since the early 2000s and this is no exception, it is a great album. The tracks are really strong throughout the album and the sense of novelty is strong enough to make it interesting despite the apparent lack of originality. The opening title track is probably the strongest, but the album is loaded with great tracks and I don’t think there is any weaknesses. It is a highly recommended album.

So, we open this year strongly with an album that would be criminal negligence to miss if you are a fan of the band and stupid to miss if you like heavy metal. This sounds like you want heavy metal to sound, they are quite close to my ideal picture of the heavy metal genre right now. Don’t miss this one!