Transport League

Label: Mighty Music/Target
Tre liknande band: Clutch/Corrosion of Conformity/Mustasch

Betyg: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Recensent: Daniel Källmalm
1. Atomic
2. Criminal Energy
3. Me the Cursed
4. Nailsober
5. Titty Coma Status
6. Kaiserschnitt
7. March, Kiss, Die
8. Sound
9. Autumn Moon
10. Death Klinik
11. Unburden Woes

Tony Julien Jelencovich - vocals, guitar
Peter Hunyadi - lead guitar
Dennis Österdal - bass
Mattias Starander - drums

Stallion Showcase (1995)
Superevil (1997)
Satanic Panic (2000)
Grand Amputation (EP 2003)
Multiple Organ Harvest (2003)
Boogie From Hell (2013)
A Diezel Smelling Aftershock (EP 2014)
Napalm Bats & Suicide Dogs (2015)
Twist and Shout at the Devil (2017)

A Million Volt Scream (2019)

Sal Abruscato
Christian Sture


Released 2021-08-27
Reviewed 2021-08-27

mighty music

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It is business as usual when Transport League is coming up with a new album, I don’t know which one in the order that sounds more or less the same. And it even has the same kind of terrific, sorry, terrible, cover style as the previous. The quartet probably have their following of old bearded geezers that fear change and like everything bland and sad.

It is the heavy style groovy and nostalgic rock with hoarse vocals that we have heard several times already from the league. They master their craft, and creatively they are as disappointing as they tend to be. I think the ideas are the same if there are any, the songs are probably just crafted on routine like a shipping manager takes care of the business transports. The sound is quite good, modern, powerful, heavy, well-made of course. No surprises and no real ideas. They keep playing time sensible and variation to a minimum, as usual.

You cannot really deny that this album is well made, but is it worth checking out? Of that I am not as sure, but if you like the band’s previous efforts there is no chance that you’ll dislike this one. It is a good production, the songs are decent, I think it is a fair showing even if it fails to trigger any real emotional response. You get what you expect and there are no surprises, probably just what the fans want – but I can’t help thinking that it is a cowardly effort with a terrible looking artwork, it doesn’t matter how much they polished their tired concept.

The craftsmanship of Kaiseschnitt is more than fine, the album is good – there is no way you can deny that. If you have liked the band’s efforts this will be an album that will appeal to you. You will not be disappointed, but it is hardly an album that makes a mark of any kind. Transport League does exactly what can be expected, the same thing they have been doing all the time – it is fine, but it is not fun.