Shotgun Revolution

Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Alter Bridge/Black Stone Cherry/Shinedown

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Wormwood
2. Enter the Fire
3. Cafe of the Damned
4. Under the Surface
5. Black Angel
6. Claustrophobia
7. The Fall
8. Silent Torture
9. Cold Star Light
10, After the Storm

Ditlev “Dee” Ulriksen – Vocal
Martin “Frankie” Frank – Guitar
Michael “Tex” Venneberg – Bass & Perc.
Kasper “Wallee” Lund – Drums

Join The Revolution (2010)
The Legacy Of Childhood Dreams (2012)
Shotgun Revolution (2013)

All This Could Be Yours (2016)


Recorded with Engineer Flemming Rasmussen at NRG Recording Studios in Los Angeles
Produced by Martin Frank
Mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen

Released 2021-02-05
Reviewed 2021-02-16


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The revolutionary Danes come up with their fourth album, I did celebrate one of their earlier works some years ago and wrote some positive things about it. It had gathered stuff from their first two albums for international release, and it was really good. They have continued the same kind of uninteresting style of artwork, so the good question is what hides behind that cover.

Shotgun Revolution gives us a post-grunge kind of music style, think Alter Bridge or something similar like that if you want a band for comparison. The production is pretty good with pretty good sound for the genre, but you cannot really say that it offers a fresh perspective or any kind of novelty. It is a sense of déjà vu, we have heard this before, that is my thought when listening to this album. The tracks feel pretty predictable and the variation is pretty limited, and that gives this album the sense of being longer than the 36 minutes it is.

I think this album is slightly lacking, it lacks a bit of edge – it feels a little bit bland. The speedier tracks are good, but when the tempo is lower the album completely loses its appeal and I find it to be pretty dull and it is an album where the negatives are probably slightly more prevailing than the positives. There are bits of positives and negatives, but the album is missing something – a hit song might have helped this album reach further, but it probably needs more than that to really become relevant.

It is not really bad, and it is possible that fans of similar types of music will find this one agreeable or even good, but I don’t think this one will have a very wide appeal. It is an okay album in general but being okay doesn’t stop it from being quite boring and a bit uninteresting – not at all what I wrote about last time I wrote about this band.