Shotgun Revolution

1. Hustled N' Played
2. I Don't Care
3. Constantly
4. Bleeding
5. Hopefully
6. Not Your Enemy
7. Driving Without Brakes
8. What You're Doing To Me
9. Flipside
10. Just Getting High
11. The Legacy Of Childhood Dreams
12. Too Much Reality

Ditlev Ulriksen – Vocals
Martin Frank – Guitars
Henrik Berger – Guitars
Michael V. Carlsen – Bass
Kasper Lund – Drums

Join The Revolution (2010)
The Legacy Of Childhood Dreams (2012)


Produced by Flemming Rasmussen

Released 2013-05-27
Reviewed 2013-04-24

target records

“This band is the best rock band to come out of Denmark... ever ...” that is some big words and they are uttered by legendary producer Flemming Rasmussen who has been part in creating this album. This self titled album is the band’s third but it is the first that will be released on an international level, and it has found its way into my hands. I guess it encompasses all the band’s experience since the debut that saw the light of day in 2010 and it reminds me a fair bit of the brilliant band Downspirit. It is similar both in graphics but also in the musical style, that is exciting. So what about these guys then, do they have what it takes?

It is not really a revolution in terms of musical style, it is straightforward rock music, hardrock at times. It is melodic yet distinctive built upon strong catchy riffing and melodies, they often show catchy choruses and such things. The album is straight to the point but it is also varied, it will keep you interested to the end. And it is the pure thing without autotune or sound replacement, all is hand crafted according to the band. It sure sounds organic and not overproduced. In fact, the production is absolutely brilliant. This is definitely a quality album, 44 minutes of high quality productions is what it is.

Strong, impressive, this is a great album by a band of great integrity and great quality. I think this is one of the best rock albums I have heard, at least of this straightforward fairly traditional kind of rock music. Impressive is another thing I can say about the album, the best to come out of Denmark says one guy and he may be right. Unfortunately I know too little about Danish rock music to make such a statement but I am not sure I have heard anything better and this album clearly has a place in a serious record collection.

I may not have considered this for a higher rating but that does not really put it out of contention for a spot in my top ten list at the end of this year, at least not when considering what this year has offered this far. I think this album is a great album in all regards but there are some songs that stand out as great hit songs. I think that the opening track is worth mentioning and the one following it, those are both very strong songs. My favourite is the fifth track called Hopefully as it breaks off a bit from the rest of the songs and it is a real standout track as well. Then we have Driving Without Brakes and also The Legacy of Childhood Dreams which are two really nice tracks to listen to as well. Not that it is anything wrong but these tracks I have named are those standing out in an album of great tracks.

A strongly recommended album, an album that will most likely appeal to anyone who likes music. A really enjoyable album that hopefully will take this band very far.



Label: Target Records
Three similar bands: Downspirit/D.A.D./Bon Jovi
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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