Mohawks & Durags

Label: 333 Wreckords Crew
Three similar bands: Era 9/Skrillex/Hollywood Undead

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Justice
2. Green Vision
3. Definition Ft. Jason Aalon Of Fever 333
4. NYC Talk (Skit)
5. Django
6. Ghost of Chuck Berry
7. Pretty People

Dave "D" Bellevue - Vocals
Ashmy "KI" Bellevue - Vocals
Matty Mayz - Drums
Jafe Paulino - Vocals/Bass/Guitar

Complex But Basic (EP 2016)


Produced with John Feldmann, Zach Jones, Marc Orell (Dropkick Murphys), Jason Aalon Butler, and The Hustle Standard

Released 2021-09-21
Reviewed 2022-01-01

333 wreckords

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Well, I guess that they are something of an oxymoron considering that they are described as too rock for hip-hop and too hip-hop for rock – how about that? It sounds interesting considering the rock and metal world today where most albums are easily categorised without thought. Oxymorrons released their first EP in 2016 and this is their second EP, it contains seven tracks and has a pretty cool cover artwork. So, while it all seems interesting from the graphic and promotional standpoint, is it any good in a musical sense?

Well, it is fresh, interesting, pretty original, I have written about pretty similar bands like Era 9 and Hollywood Undead, both great bands. It is an album that isn’t immediately ticking a standard box, it is from a band that wants to do their thing rather than just emulating what they think would be fun to emulate. That makes them a bit more credible as artists and creators compared with their genre peers, whichever genre you want to compare them with. They are heavy, they are catchy, they have the hip-hop-groove, and they offer a well-produced EP.

The weakness I see is the short playing time of around 17 minutes split in seven tracks, I want more. I wonder if the lack of variety and fresh ideas in the rock/metal in general is the main reason to why I find this very appealing, it would be logical as I have always liked different, but it may also be the seven great tracks, the catchy choruses, the beats, the original freshness given by a quartet of skilled musicians. I don’t see any weaknesses here; it is an EP that offers a lot. Mohawks & Durags could be near the top ten of 2021, it is a great EP and the year 2021 was bland so it is close.

It may be an album from 2021, but it is great to start the new year with a great album rather than just another one of the blandness I reviewed last year. I think you would be wise to have a closer look at this fine EP as it is one of the most interesting releases of 2021, and it is great.