Hollywood Undead

1. California dreaming
2. Whatever it takes
3. Bad moon
4. Ghost beach
5. Broken record
6. Nobody's watching
7. Renegade
8. Black cadillac (feat. B-Real)
9. Pray (put em in the dirt)
10. Cashed out
11. Riot
12. We own the night
13. Bang bang
14. Your life

Charlie Scene - programming, vocals
Danny - vocals
Funny Man - vocals
J-Dog - programming, vocals
Johnny 3 Tears - vocals

Swan Songs (2008)
American Tragedy (2011)
Notes from the Underground (2013)
Day of the Dead (2015)


Courtney Ballard, Griffin Boice, Christian Dold, Sean Gould, Jarod Poythress - programming
Dean Butterworth - drums
MUSYCA Children's Choir - additional vocals
Liam Clinger, Oliver Clinger - additional vocals
Dan Lancaster - mixing

Released 2017-10-27
Reviewed 2017-10-17



This fifth album by Hollywood Undead opens with a musical slap in the face, the song called California Dreaming is a great energetic hit songs that sets a tone for the album. Though it is a tone not really repeated in the following thirteen tracks on the album, it is generally slower and less energetic during the rest of the album. The quintet offers us rap metal, nu metal, crossover or whatever else you want to call it. It is modern rock/hardrock/metal with rap music and that sort of thing often built around catchy choruses, strong melodies and that sort of thing. I am not overly fond of the rapping though it often works quite well throughout the album and the great choruses more than makes up for that fact.

The sound is modern, relatively varied and there is a decent depth throughout the album. I think the production is very good, I like the soundscape and generally the vocals are good as well even though I could do without some of the rapping as there is some of that which I don’t care too much for. But generally I would describe this album as a very solid production where the sound is fresh and quite interesting, but with fourteen tracks and well over fifty minutes playing time it is a bit on the long side and I would think that has do be described as a little bit detrimental to the album as a whole. Though not really that much even though I think it would have been even better and more dynamic had they made it shorter, the second track is certainly one I could have done without, as it is pretty average and lowers the tempo way too much from the opening track.

On the subject of tracks, there is one outstanding track in the opening California Dreaming and there are three or four other really strong tracks. The third track Black Moon, the fourth Ghost Beach and twelfth track We Own the Night are three that stand out for me on this really good album. And besides the long playing time and some dreary rap parts there are no weaknesses on the album, it is just a very strong album with good songs, good depth and a fresh sound.

Sure I could wish there was some more songs like the great opening track but it is still a great album overall and thanks to some fresh thinking it stands out from most of the stuff that finds its way into my mailbox. So in the end I can recommend that you take a look at this strong album, it is well worth it.




Label: MDDN
Three similar bands:
Red Hot Chili Peppers/Bayside/Era 9
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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