Era 9

1. Ammunition
2. Warrior
3. Gravity
4. Bare Bones
5. Earthquake
6. Hero
7. Money Talk
8. Like That
9. Black Widow (Tick Tock)
10. Haunt Your Monsters
11. Scripture

Anthony Lalla
Laurie Normandin
Joe D’Adamo – Bass
Jona Dhe Paganon
Marco Leclerc

ERA9 (2011)
Turn Day (EP 2013)
Warrior (EP 2016)


Produced by ERA 9
Mixed by Joe D’Adamo & Tom Tiberio
Mastered by Audio Suites

Released 2017-05-05
Reviewed 2017-05-21


“Drawing from the future rather than the past, ERA 9 merge Rock, Hip-Hop and Electronic Dance Music to create their own unique sonic architecture, which they dub “TrapRock”, describing it as revolutionary, unparalleled, eclectic, melodic and heavy.” That is how the press text about Canadian band Era 9 is begun, it all sounds very exciting in writing, but what about their second album Gravity? When I listen to the music the sense is that this text isn’t that far from the truth. Their music is a fresh mixture of modern music genre all encompassed in a rocking package.

I think that we can state that a band like Linkin Park is an inspiration from these guys, they do use a lot of talking hip hop styled vocals, but they spice it all up with dance music and other modern electronic music making their music rather dynamic and also quite varied within each song. The choruses are often catchy and the verses often in the hip hop style and the heaviness and tempo is varied through the songs on an album that feels overall quite fresh and also fairly exciting. Good production and I like the vocals, especially the female vocal parts that adds a lot to this album that mixes together all these elements in a very strong way.

Gravity is a fresh modern and exciting album; it is quite forward thinking and great. It may not turn the world of music upside down but it is a welcome change in the never-ending stream of albums that are more or less the same. This is different and this has some really strong songs, and as all albums it has one or two little flaws. There are no serious flaws but I think the songs are a bit too similar to one another built around the same format so the album could have been a bit shorter to make this a bit less apparent. Even though we have this small niggle, we still have a very strong and very recommended album. I would say one of the positive surprises this year.

As I stated in the previous paragraph, I think the songs are a bit similar and none of them really stand out that much but the opening pair of songs along with Hero and Black Widow are worth mentioning as attention grabbers in an album of songs that are quite even in style and quality. And in the end I find that I really like this album, it is surprisingly fresh, the songs are really good, and we get some excellent choruses and an overall fresh sensation. It is a really exciting album with a lot of musical gravity; I think you should check it out.




Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Linkin Park/Twenty One Pilots/Skrillex
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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