Playing House

Label: Karisma Records
Three similar bands: Big Big Train/Iamthemorning/Magic Pie

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
01. Crashscape
02. Clockstop – Insight X
03. Code of Conduct
04. Clockstop – Insight 2
05. Sleepless Angels
06. The Pulse
07. Clockstop – Insight 3
08. Death and her Brother Greg
09. No Can Do
10. Clockstop – Insight 4
11. Epilogue – A String of Repeats
12. All We Could Do (CD only Bonustrack)

Johanne Kippersund - vocals
Knut Kippersund - vocals
Eivind Strømstad - guitar
Åsa Ree - violin
Ingvild Nordstoga Eide - viola
Ole Gjøstøl - piano
Morten Strypet - bass
Mats Lillehaug - drums

Meer (2016)


All music & lyrics written by: Tom de Wit
Produced & mixed by: Tom de Wit @ The Imagineering Suite
Co-produced & Mastered by: Rich Gray @ Gray Matter Audio

Released 2021-01-29
Reviewed 2021-02-03

karisma records

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Norwegian orchestra Meer started in 2008 as a duo and have since then expanded and they are now eight members. The self-titled debut was released in 2016, this is their second album, and I cannot say that it is an album with a great cover artwork. The musical content is more exciting than the graphic look of the album, and that is the main thing.

In the press material they are described as a mix of orchestral pop, classical music and progressive rock – that is a pretty accurate description in my view. It is pretty simplistic music with strong melodies and atmospheres, but there are also complex elements that gives the album depth and longevity. The production is strong and the variation good, with sensible playing time they make it an album that beg you to play it again and again.

Playing House is a very good album, the tracks are all of the best calibre and quite enjoyable. I don’t think that there are any weaker tracks on the album and the opener Picking Up the Pieces, Beehive, and Across the Ocean are tracks that makes you want to return to the album, they are tracks that draws you into playing the album again. I would say these guys really hit the mark with this album, everything from the atmosphere and sound to the excellent vocal dynamics between Johanne and Knut.

I find this album to be rather excellent, and I think you should check it out because it is an album that should appeal to anyone who wants their music to offer something more than your everyday generic genre album. It is great and exciting, and you will not be disappointed if you check out this one, it is a great likelihood that you will be impressed with what you get.