Magic Pie
Fragments of the 5th Element

Label: Karisma Records
Three similar bands: Genesis/Pink Floyd/Dream Theater

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. The Man Who Had It All
2. P & C
3. Table for Two
4. Touched By An Angel
5. The Hedonist

Kim Stenberg - Guitar, vocals
Eirikur Hauksson - Vocals, guitar
Eirik Hanssen - Rhythm guitar, vocals
Jan T. Johannessen - Drums
Lars Petter Holstad - Bass, backing vocals
Erling Henanger - Keyboards, backing vocals

Motions of Desire (2005)
Circus of Life (2007)
The Suffering Joy (2011)
King for a Day (2015)


Artwork: Kim Stenberg based on original paintings by Eva Stenberg

Released 2019-08-30
Reviewed 2020-03-13

karisma records

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On the menu today we find some magic pie, a five-slice creation made from fragments of the fifth element and some progressive touches. It is made by a Norwegian gang who know how to bake some good pies, or albums. This is their fifth creation and I the press material they mention names like Dream Theater, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Kansas, Deep Purple, Yes, and the always famous etc. Their first album was released in 2005 and it is said that the band has become a household name for proggers, and their fifth one has five tracks where the ending one is nearly 23 minutes long.

As you might have figured from the mentioned names and the mention of progressive touches, it is progressive rock or metal, sometimes complex, sometimes heavy – a versatile album. The last of the five tracks is very long, the others are more normal in regard to length. We get depth and diversity through the album; the variation is strong and I doubt anyone who enjoy the progressive genre will find this uninteresting. The vocals are good, the production as well, the playing time very sensible – a quality production.

It is a very enjoyable album with good songs, good depth and variation – it has a lot to like and nothing to dislike. I have enjoyed playing through this one, and I especially like the lengthy ending epic that is called The Hedonist. It is quite a feat to create a 23-minute song and make it interesting and great all the way through, most long songs tend to have parts that feels like filling that doesn’t add much to it, this song has nothing like that. So, it ends in a kind of masterpiece and it is really enjoyable.

You should have a taste from this magical pie, it is really enjoyable and impressive. If you like the progressive rock or metal genre you should not miss this album, and I think that it will probably appeal to anyone who listens to music. Great album!