Lee Aaron
Almost Christmas

Label: Metalville
Three similar bands: Deep Purple/Koko Taylor/Moxy

Rating: HHHHHHH (2/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Everything's Gonna Be Cool This Chr
2. Baby Please Come Home
3. Run, Run, Rudolph
4. It Doesen't Often Snow At Christmas
5. Zat You Santa Claus?
6. I Don\t Believe In Christmas
7. Merry Christmas Everybody
8. All I Ever Get For Christmas Is Blu
9. Peace On Earth
10. The Fiddle And The Drum
11. Almost Christmas
12. More Fun On The Naughty List

Lee Aaron - lead vocals
Sean Kelly - guitars
Dave Reimer - bass
John Cody - drums

1982: The Lee Aaron Project
1984: Metal Queen
1985: Call of the Wild
1987: Lee Aaron
1989: Bodyrock
1991: Some Girls Do
1994: Emotional Rain
1996: 2preciious
2000: Slick Chick
2004: Beautiful Things
2016: Fire and Gasoline
2018: Diamond Baby Blues

2019: Power, Soul, Rock'n'Roll Live in Germany
2021: Radio On!



Released 2021-11-26
Reviewed 2021-11-27



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Snow, cold, darkness, commerce, Christmas things, this time of year isn’t short on things to dislike. The commercial debacle that is Christmas has nothing whatsoever positive to offer, other than giving some days off for those working in areas not yet seduced by the lure of mass-commercialism. There is no positive message, nothing positive about the pressure to find gifts and whatever, and that music, the horrible and glittery crap that is played every Christmas and constantly rereleased in different versions by different artists looking to capitalise on the same field as everyone else. Lee Aaron claims it was to cheer up in Covid times, this album was released independently last year and now comes on Metalville with additional tracks – I wonder why.

The music is the same glittery stuff as it always is, the sound slightly more in the rock direction but not really any different from Bing Crosby’s version of White Christmas. It is always the same when it is Christmas songs, and this is no exception. Aaron who is an acceptable singer in her best moments sings acceptable in some songs and awfully in others. It is an album completely without originality or joy – just another addition to the commercialism of Christmas, another nail in the coffin of humanity and our environment. Imagine how much less resources and destruction of the world we would have without Christmas – is it even imaginable the waste of resources this holiday is?

I don’t like this one, the songs are everything from terrible to barely acceptable and that is not a good recipe for great marvels. I find myself dreaming of a Christmas where humanity has died, and I remained remembering the awfulness of previous Christmases and how great it feels when the hysteria of Christmas is no more. But that will probably never happen, instead humanity will shop itself to extinction knowing full well that the excessive living we have will eventually destroy the habitats in which we must exist – Lee Aaron is a happy contributor to this by recording and releasing a completely meaningless piece of plastic that no one would miss if it hadn’t been released.

Why not just boycott Christmas altogether? Don’t buy gifts, and don’t buy into the artificial crap that commercial interests have knitted together. I will certainly do my part and not buy this album, maybe Santa brings the gift of lockdowns this year – wouldn’t that be marvellous? But let us end this rant by concluding that Lee Aaron does nothing to lift the spirits with her Christmas album, it is just as bad as all the rest of them.