Lee Aaron
Radio On!

Label: Metalville
Three similar bands: Deep Purple/Koko Taylor/Moxy

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Vampin'
2. Soul Breaker
3. Cmon
4. Mama Don't Remember
5. Radio On
6. Soho Crawl
7. Devil's Gold
8. Russian Doll
9. Great Big Love
10. Wasted
11. Had Me at Hello
12. Twenty One

Lee Aaron - lead vocals
Sean Kelly - guitars
Dave Reimer - bass
John Cody - drums

1982: The Lee Aaron Project
1984: Metal Queen
1985: Call of the Wild
1987: Lee Aaron
1989: Bodyrock
1991: Some Girls Do
1994: Emotional Rain
1996: 2preciious
2000: Slick Chick
2004: Beautiful Things
2016: Fire and Gasoline
2018: Diamond Baby Blues

2019: Power, Soul, Rock'n'Roll Live in Germany
Almost Christmas (2020)


Recorded live off the floor in Vancouver at Afterlife Studios and completed (due
to Covid-19) in the band's home studios
Produced by Lee Aaron
Mixed by Mike Fraser

Released 2021-06-18
Reviewed 2021-06-29



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Canadian Lee Aaron comes up with a new album, Radio On! It is inspired by the old FM stations that once ruled the airwaves, Radio On! is full of classic, melodic rock hooks, nasty guitar riffs, big harmonies and inspired song writing, at least according to the press material. The songs were written in a weekend when they locked themselves in a room for a couple days and the only agenda was to have fun and tap into the influences that inspired them as teenagers. Considering their considerable age, that couldn’t have been an easy task, but what about the radio stuff then?

I would claim that this album is more alive and vital than the previous two I have analysed for the Hallowed zine, the songs and Lee seems to have more energy and inspiration on this album. It is the same kind of radio friendly nostalgic rock, hardly original but relatively fresh. I think Lee sounds better than in the earlier stuff I have reviewed, but the album isn’t a very varied one with songs of a fairly similar character. The playing time is quite sensible and the energy is fairly good, in that regard it is clearly a step forward for the band compared with the previous stuff I reviewed.

This album is pretty good, it has good songs and decent energy; I would claim that it is surprisingly vital, but that might not mean much considering that the previous two I reviewed were more dead than alive. It is an album that doesn’t have too many weaknesses, but it lacks the outstanding hit songs. Still, it is an easy album to like and it is a decent chance that you might like it. Could be worth looking at, but don’t expect anything extraordinary, original or exciting – a good album is what you get from Lee Aaron and her band.

An album that is fine, that is a step forward compared with what I have reviewed before. A vital and surprisingly good album, but nevertheless it is also an album that you can do well without as it is pretty far from one of the best albums ever made. So, you will probably like it, and it is great that Lee Aaron and her band shows signs of new vitality that makes Radio On! worth checking out.