Hans Hjelm
Factory Reset

Label: Kungens Ljud & Bild
Three similar bands: Automatism/Kungens Män/Acid Rooster

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Woods
2. Inter-city Travel
3. System Calibration
4. Valley of the Kings
5. Nothing to Fear
6. Lights Turn Red

Guitars, synthesizers, bass, and midi programming by Hans Hjelm
Drums by Jesper Skarin

Abandon All Liberties (EP 2019)


Guitars and synthesizers recorded in Sollentuna during February - July 2020 by Hans Hjelm Drum machines recorded in Oberzent in March 2019 by Hans, and drums recorded in Studio Blod, Solna in August 2020 by Jesper Skarin
Mixed and mastered by Magnus Lindberg, Redmount Studios
Artwork by Jonas Yrlid

Released 2021-05-28
Reviewed 2021-05-04


kungens ljud och bild

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Hans Hjelm or His Helmet if you were to roughly translate the name, not that you do but it can always be fun anyway. The album itself seems to be made as a kind reset or vent to sort of wash away the problems of the stressful everyday life. At least that is the sense I get when reading the backside of the CD, the instructions of the album give that impression.

Hjelm plays the guitar with Automatism, I reviewed Automatism last year and I guess this is a bit similar. Instrumental and calm music, perhaps for the stressed person who needs to relax. There are six tracks that shows decent variation, the paying time is sensible, and the mood is kind of relaxing. This is kind of background music that doesn’t really draw the attention of the listener, I guess it is not the album for the one who is looking for catchy hit songs.

I found this album to be a relaxing and quite good album, at least in the relaxing kind of way. Still, I prefer songs with more tempo and energy, even when I am relaxing and therefore I have a little trouble seeing who this album is for. But I guess that fans of Automatism will be drawn to this one, and perhaps this can act as a factory reset for anyone who needs that kind of thing. Maybe it is the perfect thing for those who are in need of a reset from the stressful reality that is working life these days.

Hjelm has made a competent album, and you probably wouldn’t go too wrong with it if you want something to relax to. It is not for you who wants uptempo hit songs, but if you decide to get the album I think it should be wise to look at some really great headphones. You will know what I mean when you read the instructions that accompany the album, so the question is if you really want to miss an album that comes with operating instructions; would you?