Label: Tonzonen Records
Three similar bands: Bandit 65/Øresund Space Collective/Sungod

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Der Schiffer
2. Das Wesen Des Seins
3. Szyszka
4. D.A.E.L.
5. Lichtpyramide
6. Funkelnder Wein
7. You've Only To Say The Word
8. Festtagszug
9. Glow In The Loom
10. Das Rufen
11. Korytarz
12. Stand Auf
13. Bergwanderung
14. At The Beach

Hans Hjelm - guitar
Gustav Nygren - guitar
Mikael Tuominen - bass
Jonas Yrlid - drums

From the Lake (2018)
Into the Sea (2019)

Jesper Skarin - percussion (all tracks)
Per Wiberg - keyboards (all tracks)
Jakob Sjöholm - guitar (First Train)

Recorded at Svartsjölandet Studio, February 2019
Recording: Isak Sjöholm
Mix: Martin Konie Ehrencrona, Studio Cobra
Mastering: Magnus Lindberg, Redmount Studios
Art director: Jonas Yrlid

Released 2020-09-18
Reviewed 2020-11-01

tonzonen records

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Immersing themselves in psych rock with added herbal, progressive, and modern Jazz elements. They are looking for moments of effortless music creation and trying to capture them on record, and they improvise most of their songs in the studio with added overdubs. I am of course meaning the band Automatism from Stockholm in Sweden who are releasing their third album, the first one was released in 2018. Immersion is the name of this new one and it has a pretty unremarkable cover, the question is whether or not the music is as unremarkable.

Instrumental rock with melodies, good flow, interesting moods and decent variation. The tracks are six if you ever decide to count them, the production is good, I like the sound and that they actually decide to break free from the verse-chorus thing that you don’t really need in instrumental music. They have a pretty fresh sound to their music, a fairly personal style and that is always a good thing. I do, however think that they could have had more depth and dynamics in their sound – perhaps first improvising, then stepping back and composing and then doing it again to find the best and most immersive style in which to present their songs.

This album is good, when the opening track come to life it is close to magical. That makes it seem like something of an anti-climax, you want it to reach those heights throughout the album, but it never really does. The songs are quite good, and I really like that they present a sense of novelty and do fresh songs and not just regurgitate the same stuff, like most bands that I review do but these guys fortunately don’t.

I think this could be an album worth checking out, there is a good chance that you will find this album to be quite good. So, if you enjoy the instrumental variety of the rock music it is certainly worth checking out this one, it is fairly enjoyable, but I wish everything was as great as what we heard in the first track.