Ghosts of Atlantis

Label: Black Lion Records
Three similar bands: Fleshgod Apocalypse/Cradle of Filth/Dimmu Borgir

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. The Third Pillar
2. Halls Of Lemuria
3. False Prophet
4. The Curse Of Man
5. When Tridents Fall
6. Poseidon's Bow
7. Gardens Of Athena
8. The Lost Compass

Colin Parks – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Phil Primmer – Vocals
Dex Jezierski – Guitars
Al Todd – Bass
Rob Garner – Drums



Recorded and Produced by Colin Parks at Devilhead Studios.
Mixed and Mastered by James Stephenson at Stymphalian Productions.
Artwork by Drake Mefesta

Released 2021-03-26
Reviewed 2021-07-03

black lion records

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It is wet ghosts when the British constellation Ghosts of Atlantis rise from the depths to give us their debut stories based in myths and legends from the ancients. The cover looks great an exciting, the chapters in the story are eight and there are things said about the numbers in the title but the press material states that you should figure out the significance yourself, so I let you do that while I focus on telling you sone things about the music of to decide whether or not it is a worthwhile effort.

Symphonic death or black metal, moving along several different paths both into the thrash and the darker stuff but with strong melodies. You can compare with the likes of Dimmu Borgir if you want to have a reference to compare with, and you can describe the style as epic. They tell their story in a dramatic way with both growly and clean vocals that harmonise well together, and it is varied through the tracks and the playing time is sensible. It is a strong production with great epic sound and so one, but of course you can argue that they don’t offer anything fresh or exciting.

The album is good, it is dramatic, with good songs, and good depth, there are many things to like about this album. No flaws of major consequence can be found, the balance between death metal riffs and the symphonic touches aren’t always that great, but it works well in general. The other argument against you can make is that they don’t really offer anything fresh, but they offer something great instead and that usually works almost as well – but it doesn’t make for the most memorable albums of course.

Ghosts of Atlantis offers a strong debut album that is worth checking out, and if you do you might find that the ending pair is the highlight songs. I think those songs put an end to the album that makes you want to give it another spin, kind of how you should end your album to make the best impact. Check it out if you are a fan of the more melodic and epic extreme metal, I think there is a good chance that you will like it.