Enemy Inside

Label: ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records
Three similar bands: Exit Eden/Season of Ghosts/Sister Sin

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Crystallize
2. Alien
3. Release Me
4. Break Through
5. In My Blood
6. Bulletproof
7. Seven
8. Black Butterfly
9. Black And Gold
10. Dynamite
11. Crush (Jennifer Paige Cover)

Nastassja Giulia - Vocals
Evan K - Lead Guitars
Dave Hadarik - Rhythm Guitars
Dominik Stotzem - Bass
Feli Keith - Drums

Phoenix (2018)


Produced, recorded, edited & arranged by Evan K at Epsilon Studio
Mixed and mastered by Henrik Udd
Cover Artwork and booklet design by Dave Hadarik
Artwork & booklet photos by Franzi Zahn, Apolonia Fotografie
Single photos by Kevin Spielmann
Videos by Witzki Visions and Jonas Sommer

Released 2021-08-27
Reviewed 2021-06-06


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We are looking at the seven deadly sins when we are taking on the new album by Enemy Inside. It is a German band that begun a few years ago, they released their debut album Phoenix in 2018. That album garnered some interest for the band and according to the press release it made them one of Germany’s most promising newcomers, now they have taken a step forward and their new release Seven is about the seven deadly sins, but perhaps not in terms of seeing it as sins but interpreting them in a more contemporary way in how they are part of our society. It isn’t exactly a particularly original concept; I can think of several bands using that concept. And while on such subjects, the cover is pretty dreadful as well.

The music is modern female fronted metal, with some symphonic touches and such things. Sounds relatively fresh but hardly original, I can think of several bands that comes to mind in terms of comparing. The vocalist Natassja is pretty good but not that special, I think there are many female vocalists that are better. The production is good, the sound works really well, and the album shows decent variation over the eleven tracks, the playing time is also quite sensible, so there are some positives in terms of the music, but originality is not one of those.

A good album with good songs, some energy, and things to like, a good album plain and simple. Problem is that there are plenty such album that are good, and this doesn’t stand out particularly much. And it is one of those albums where a cover song happens to be the best track, it begs to question if the band can’t write good songs themselves. Of course, it is always easier to redo something that is great already than actually come up with something great yourself, perhaps that is the case here too. Unfortunately, creativity is not the strongest ability among musicians and these guys don’t seem to be an exception to that rule.

If you like the female fronted metal stuff it is probably an album that can be worth checking out, you will most likely enjoy this album. It is a very solid effort, but not a very exciting release. It doesn’t stand out in comparisons, but is fine as a moment of entertainment.