Evil Or Divine: Live In New York City

Label: BMG
Three similar bands: Rainbow/Black Sabbath/Elf

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Killing The Dragon
2. Egypt The Chains Are On
3. Children Of The Sea
4. Push
5. Drum Solo
6. Stand Up And Shout
7. Rock And Roll
8. Don't Talk To Strangers
9. Man On The Silver Mountain
10. Guitar Solo Doug Aldrich
11. Long Live Rock And Roll
12. Man On The Silver Mountain Reprise
13. Intro To Lord Of The Last Day
14. Lord Of The Last Day
15. Fever Dreams
16. Holy Diver
17. Heaven And Hell
18. The Last In Line
19. Cheers For An Encore
20. Rainbow In The Dark
21. We Rock

Ronnie James Dio - vocals
Doug Aldrich - guitar
Jimmy Bain - bass
Simon Wright - drums
Scott Warren - keyboards

Holy Diver (1983)
The Last in Line (1984)
Sacred Heart (1985)
Dream Evil (1987)
Lock Up the Wolves (1990)
Strange Highways (1993)
Angry Machines (1996)
Magica (2000)
Killing the Dragon (2002)
Master of the Moon (2004)

Holy Diver: Live (2021)



Released 2021-02-12
Reviewed 2021-02-07


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It is more Dio today, I wrote about Holy Diver: Live yesterday and this time it is Evil or Divine: Live in New York City, an album that was released as a DVD in 2003 and in 2005 as a live album. In difference to the album I reviewed yesterday this has some bonus, it has the same live set as the DVD, which means two added tracks in a drum solo and Lord of the Last Day. The vinyl editions last side presents four tracks one from each of the last four Dio albums, so this has more value than the reissue of Holy Diver: Live that is also released on February 12. It also has a new artwork and the tracks have been remastered.

It is of course Dio’s sound and his great songs, and if I am to keep comparing with the Holy Diver that releases on the same day I think that Dio sounds more vital and energetic on this album and that the setlist is more dynamic. Of course, we get the immortals like Man on the Silver Mountain, Long Live rock ‘n’ Roll, Heaven and Hell, Holy Diver, Rainbow in the Dark, to name a few. It is a showcase of Dio’s career and an indicator to why he is more immortal than you or me. The playing time also feels more sensible than the other release this day, and that helps the sense of energy through the album.

There are more arguments for this album than for the other album releasing on the same day, collectors will probably get both of these, but a more casual fan will do better with this one if choosing between the two. I think that a better choice is probably to look further back as the gold parts are the early Dio releases and the first three albums by Rainbow, if you are missing any of those I recommend getting them before getting this one. Still, you will not go wrong with this one either as it is a fine and quite enjoyable live album with some legendary rock and metal songs.

I will never really be that much of a fan of the live and rereleased albums, but this is to good to dismiss and since it is sold out it probably deserves another go so that whoever missed it can pick up a copy. It is a great choice for the Dio fan, for the rest of us there are better choices among the past releases by the immortal hero.