Boston 1981

1. Spotlight Kid
2. Love's No Friend
3. I Surrender
4. Man On The Silver Mountain
5. Catch The Rainbow
6. Can't Happen Here
7. Lost In Hollywood
8. Difficult To Cure
9. Long Live Rock N' Roll
10. Smoke On The Water

Ritchie Blackmore - guitar
Don Airey - keyboard
Roger Glover - bass, percussion, producer
Joe Lynn Turner - vocals
Bobby Rondinelli - drums

Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow (1975)
Rising (1976)
On Stage (1977)
Long Live Rock 'n' Roll (1978)
Down to Earth (1979)
Difficult to Cure (1981)
Straight Between the Eyes (1982)
Bent Out of Shape (1983)
Stranger in Us All (1995)



Released 2016-05-13
Reviewed 2016-05-30


Difficult to Cure is one of the first albums I had as a favourite album; I grew up with that album and this band. During the tour for said album in 1981 they visited Boston and the raw material for this album was recorded during a Boston show. So is there a point to this album? I mean there has been six Rainbow live albums released since 2015 and seven since 2013, is this really so much better than those albums?

Hardrock, a little bit of metal, quite melodic and most of the songs are timeless classics. Great performances from the band even though I think Turner sings a little poorly and his talking parts are quite dreadful, he is great on a studio album but not as impressive live. Although it sounds like it would probably have been a great show to watch, the songs selected are quite varied so we get a good musical variation through this album – and we also get a very strong production, I think it sounds quite good.

I kind of like this album, it is good and I like the songs but it is it really any better than all the other live albums that have been released the last few months? I don’t think so and honestly, what is the point of one more live album when there have already been eleven of them the last ten years? I don’t see any. My lasting impression is that it is one more Rainbow live album, it is a rather good one but they have released others that are just as good, good but rather pointless is my verdict.

The only way I can really justify this album is that it is for all those with a fetish for live Rainbow albums, you have the choice of three different colour vinyl that you can pick up. So if you are that Rainbow kind of guy it is probably your thing, though I am a bit rainbowish I don’t really fall into that category and I doubt most of the world does as well.



Label: Cleopatra Records
Three similar bands: Deep Purple/Elf/Dio
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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