Label: Arising Empire
Three simnilar bands: Future Palace/Set Your Sails/Emil Bulls

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
01. Like A Parasite
02. STFU
03. The Tragedy
04. Face The Facts
05. Overload
06. Bonfire Of The Millenials
07. The Cocaines Got Your Tongue
08. Under Your Tattoos
09. The Blame Game
10. I Saw What You Did
11. Standing Still
12. Friend Or Enemy
13. Terminal Velocity

Christoph Wieczorek - Clean vocals/guitar
Rudi Schwarzer - Vocals
Norbert Kayo - Bass
Nico Vaeen - Drums

The Lucid Dreamer (2014)
Enigmatic Smile (2015)
Devil May Care (2016)
Arms (2018)


Produced by Christoph Wieczorek

Released 2021-01-29
Reviewed 2021-02-13

arising empire

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Attractive cover art, that is what I thought when I downloaded this promo and decided that it had to be reviewed. It is the fifth album by the German band and it features a new growler, it is also said that they have cut the old braids and evolved a new sound from the foundation of heavy guitar riffs and driving drum rhythms. I think that last thing can be said about almost any hard rock or heavy metal band. Still, it is interesting when bands decide to evolve and take their music in other directions rather than just copying the old, how true this is would be impossible to me to answer though as this is the first album by Annisokay that I hear. I would consider it just for the cover, but I noticed that the edition I wanted was very expensive and the shipping cost from that retailer that sold it was also way more than I would want to spend, especially since I could not see a t-shirt bundle that was appealing. But what about the album then?

Modern metal with two different styles of vocals in growls and clean vocals, kind of akin to what Emil Bulls does, and of course some other bands as well. They have a strong and dynamic sound with room for both power and melodies. In difference to many of their genre peers that use dual vocal styles to hide the fact that they have poor vocalists, these guys have two rather good singers that create a strong dynamic between them. This also helps create good atmospheres and variation, a really strong production that mightn’t be the most original one I have heard but one of the stronger.

This album is a bit of a parade of good songs, and excellent songs. I think the strongest track is Bonfire of the Millenials a track that really draws you to the album, but there are several excellent tracks on this album that doesn’t have any major flaw. The biggest issue is that it lacks the novelty that would have lifted this album from greatness to sheer excellence, but that doesn’t detract from the fact that it is am enjoyable album to listen to and you can listen to it many times over and not grow too tired with it. They manage to make the 48-minute playing time seem fairly short and they do many things right, it is certainly an album that could be well worth checking out, too bad the nice vinyl issue was out of the price range I would accept. Still, I can enjoy the promo I got and it is clearly good enough for that.

Well worth checking out, there is a good chance that you fill find this album very agreeable. It both looks and sounds good, that should really be enough to arise your curiosity – and there are quite a few songs to check out beneath this text, and that is something I suggest you do. I like Annisokay’s Aurora, it is a great album that I probably will return to every now and then.