Future Palace

Label: Arising Empire
Three similar bands: Dream State/Enter Shikari/PVRIS

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
01. Illusionist feat. Tobias Rische
02. Twisted
03. Maybe
04. Ghost Chapter
05. Lately
06. Parted Ways
07. Something New
08. Anomaly
09. Break Free
10. My Air
11. Maybe Stripped

Maria aka ItsPandaCore - Vocals
Manuel - Guitar
Johannes - Drums


Tobias Rische

Produced with with Christoph Wieczorek

Released 2020-09-18
Reviewed 2021-01-11

arising empire

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We visit a future palace inhabited by a trio of musicians where Maria is the most noticeable. In this palace the artwork is so poor that one wants to escape, hence the title. The cover of this album looks like an unfinished rendering from some 3D-program, it is not great and doesn’t look appealing – I would not think of it as an artwork that makes you curious about the album, or make you want to add it to your album collection.

I read somewhere that it is emocore, or post-hardcore, and that is probably a good description of what we get to hear. Modern metal is probably another way, female fronted with emotionally strong and varied vocals. The production is good but not great, I think there is room for a more dynamic and fresh sound here – it sounds somewhat dated and flat. This flat sound makes a pretty varied album with 41 minutes playing time seem to be a bit on the long side, I think they could have shortened it a song or two.

Escape is a good album with good songs, and no distinctive weaknesses while the vocalist is a strength. But I do miss that strong standout track, something that draws me to the album. So, while I like it isn’t an album that I am drawn to, and it feels like an album that could be better. With better production and a strong hit song or two, it would have been a pretty exciting and interesting album, but this is a fairly flat album saved by great vocals.

I think that if you enjoy this kind of music there is a pretty decent chance that you will find this album agreeable, or even good. I found it pretty enjoyable to listen to, but it isn’t a particularly memorable album and in the end I think they could have done some things a little better if they wanted to make something really memorable. Not something that makes you want to escape but I am not sure I would visit this Future Palace.