Andy Rocks
Look at What We've Done

Label: Soman Records
Three similar bands: Black Daffodil/Bon Jovi/Sheryl Crow

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Digital Detox
2. Keep On Pretending
3. Look At What We've Done
4. Time Flies
5. Hot As Hell
6. Regret
7. Glass Of Wine
8. Motorway
9. You Are The Enemy
10. Get Me A drink

Andrea Weiß - Vocals
Andreas Ellner - Bass, Guitar
Andre Hofbauer - Guitar
Markus Rubel - Drums



Produced by Andy Rocks

Released 2021-07-01
Reviewed 2021-10-09

Article from 2021

soman records

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German rockers Andy Rocks wants us to look at what they have done, so what is it? A debut album from a band that is analogue and timeless, not digital – or so I read. The weird thing about that statement from the label, or the band, whoever did it, is that the album was first released in digital format. The physical format was then CD, another digital format, so are they really digitally detoxing like they want us to believe?

In terms of style they are, it harks back to the styles of the eighties and similar. Still with a pretty fresh and personal twist, that is not going on to say that they are original or anything to that effect. The album has a pretty analogue sound, I guess that is the way to describe it – retro is another way to look at it. The production is decent, not fantastic but good enough to convey what quality that is on offer in the songs. The singer Andrea is great too, she really brings the songs to life and is probably the biggest attraction of this album that has a sensible enough playing time and pretty good variation over the tracks.

The songs are good throughout, the best ones are the likes of Get Me a Drink, opener Digital Detox, the title track and a few more that really pulls a listener into the album. If you like the classic heavy rock style, and especially the female fronted variety, it should be a given to check out this one as it is straight up your alley. They press the right buttons and make exciting and interesting music in the process. We are certainly treated to a very fine debut album by a band showcasing both energy and the joy of playing great rock music.

I think it is well worth checking out what they’ve done, as they’ve done something quite interesting, and something really good. Andy Rocks make a debut that rocks, and they should certainly be satisfied and not be afraid to say “look at what we’ve done” to people.