Mike Tramp
Second Time Around

Label: Mighty Music/Target
Three similar bands: White Lion/Freak of Nature/Mabel

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
01. All Of My Life
02. The Road
03. Anymore
04. Come On
05. Between Good And Bad
06. Lay Down Your Guns
07. Highway
08. No Tomorrow
09. Back To You
10. When She Cries

Mike Tramp: Vocals, Electric & Acoustic Guitar, Piano
Oliver Steffensen: Main Guitar all songs
Claus Langeskov: Bass
Morten Hellborn: Drums
Soren Andersen: Additional Guitar
Jay Boe: Hammond B-3
Marcus Nand: 12 String Acoustic Guitar, 1st solo on “Back To You”
Emily Garriock Langeskov: Backing Vocals
Lars Rahbek Andresen: Piano on "Highway"

Capricorn (1997)
Recovering the Wasted Years (2002)
More to Life Than This (2003)
Songs I Left Behind (2004)
The Rock 'N' Roll Circuz (2009)
Stand Your Ground (2011)
Cobblestone Street (2013)
Museum (2014)
Nomad (2015)

Maybe Tomorrow (2017)
Stray from the Flock (2019)


Words & Music by Mike Tramp Produced by Soren Andersen & Mike Tramp
Mixed & Mastered by Peter Mannson @ Mir Studio, Stockholm, Sweden
Recorded by Soren Andersen @ Medley Studio, Copenhagen, Denmark
Additional Recording by Mike Tramp @ Many Places & More
Audio finalizing: Henrik West
Photos: Jakob Muxoll
Layout: Søren Weiss
A & R: Michael H. Andersen

Released 2020-05-01
Reviewed 2020-05-02


mighty music

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In hindsight it is always easy to look back at things and ask oneself why we acted in a certain way and know how to make things better, even though we probably did the best with the knowledge and abilities we had then. Mike Tramp figured he had a few songs that in hindsight didn’t really get a real chance so he gave these a second chance, something that might be a good step to give his music new life considering the tired nature of the previous album. Sure, it can also be less than great to take a new poke at old songs, it depends on how you approach the task.

Tramp has gone for a rawer approach and more attitude than he showed on the latest effort and that certainly makes for a fresher sensation. His and Søren Andersen’s production is really excellent, perhaps the most interesting sound I have heard on a Tramp album. The vocals are excellent and shows more emotion than I have heard in a while, and I think this album is more alive and more emotional than the previous, just enhancing the feeling of how tired that album felt. This is quite dynamic and shows good depth, and it doesn’t feel fifty minutes long.

Sure, you can claim that it is a flaw that Tramp doesn’t come up with anything really new here, but he does it really well and the album feels very fresh – on top of that, fans usually don’t want their artists to break new ground. Tramp probably appeals to both those who wants to hear the same as before and those who enjoys a fresher sounding album. This is probably the most interesting stuff Tramp has done in a while and certainly the most vital, lets hop he carries this torch forward and gives a similarly fresh approach and feel to new composition next time around.

I recommend this album as it is really strong, might be one of the finest moments of Tramps musical career, and it contains some fine moments. Sure he could be more adventurous, but musicians usually aren’t and it doesn’t matter very much when the songs are this good. I have really enjoyed listening to this album many times now and I recommend that you have a look at it, it is an album you don’t want to miss.