Miss Behaviour
Double Agent

1. On With The Show
2. Double Agent
3. Cold Response
4. Magical Feeling
5. Corporation Arms
6. Love Reflector
7. Edge Of The World
8. Don’t Let It End
9. Midnight Runner
10. The Cause Of Liberty
11. Dancing With Danger
12. Silver Rain

Sebastian Roos - Lead Vocals
Erik Heikne - Guitars
Henrik Sproge - Keyboards
Nicky Bloom - Bass
Magnum Jacobs - Drums

Midwinter (2006)
Last Woman Standing (2011)



Released 2014-08-29
Reviewed 2014-08-30


One has to wonder what it is with the Swedish environment/food that allows for so many high quality music acts, like in the melodic hardrock/AOR genre where German label AOR Heaven’s four releases for august and september are all Swedish. Like this band Miss Behaviour who are releasing their third album now and the last one was very highly acclaimed. This one has also been acclaimed according to the band’s website, no idea if that is true though. What I do know is that they call their new album Double Agent and hasn’t bothered with getting the best of covers for it.

We get a dozen tracks on the album, the usual melodic rock selection of songs. Catchy songs, melodic parts and a very clean production. Maybe the production can be said to be a bit tame though, but the vocalist is very good, strong voice that brings out much more from the songs. Kind of a typical melodic rock singer, though not the falsetto typed one. The variation over the twelve songs is very good as well, and the songs have depth which makes them last better for repeated listening. I would say that it is an overall impressive production even though some more power wouldn’t have hurt.

I think that this is a very good album, it has everything you need from an album of this kind. I especially like the title track, Double Agent which is a real highlight, for me it may be one of the headline songs of the year. That however, is a bit hard to determine as there are quite a few very strong songs over the year but it will have to be considered. I like this album as I have alluded to, it has longevity, great hit songs, it is also fresher than most in the genre. Sure it doesn’t offer a new or revolutionary perspective of this overpopulated musical genre but at least they manage to sound like their own character and not like they have ripped everything else of like most others do. That is always a good thing, and that alone is something worthy of mention.

Worthy of mention is also several of the album’s tracks like the ending Silver Rain along with Midnight Runner, The Cause of Liberty, the opener On With the Show and maybe some more. This makes half the album very memorable and the other half is very good. Impressive, that is what I think of this album. It is strong, solid, with great memorable songs and great melodies. It is an album worth playing over and over which is why I can recommend it to anyone who likes good music.




Label: AOR Heaven/Germusica
Three similar bands: Angeline/Def Leppard/Wheels of Fire
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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